CUSTOMERS REVIEW: Red Contact Lens Review Vassen Diamond 3-Tone Red

Red Contact Lens Review Vassen Diamond 3-Tone Red


Hello everyone , i Comeback againn !!~ ,lately I actually rather busy with school I have to find another school and other hufff…. with new life, yeah right!! I’ve been a high school student AAAAsssaaa!!~
so maybe I am a little busy.Ahhh I forgot something, I have not congratulated days of Ramadan , marhaban ya ramadhan…………….
selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa mohon maaf lahir dan bathin . and now I will review circle lens from solution-lens aaa… This is actually a very late post, but I apologize because I am a bit busy with school problems , Mianhae , jongmal Mianhae .
owkay now i’ll post circle lens VASSEN DIAMOND 3 TONE RED ,
there is a reason why I choose the contact lenses, because I was like something like a diamond *LOL . owkay let’s check my review and enjoy it .

solution-lens send the lens with a very unique package , javanese called it “BESEK ” hahaha XD

they are also very kind and they’re sending me, one pair of earrings earrings and pens are very Kawaii , Ahhhh!!~ Kamshamnidaa!!~ XD .


 Description :
Diameter 15.0 mm
Water content 55%
Base curve 8.6
1 year disposable (recommended use for 4-6 months)
Packaged in sterile buffered saline
FDA and EU approved contact lenses
Ophthalmologists and optical shops certified
Buy without prescription
Perfect for both dark and light colored eyes

VASSEN presents new interesting contact lens series that has a diamond design with the addition of 3 tone colors to create a unique style that looks more fascinating and modern than before. This new series will become your new favorite contact lenses soon. This Diamond design gives a hint of sparkle reflection of 3 tone color and a very glossy look more than other diamond style  circle lenses, so when you wear this VASSEN DIAMOND 3 Tone Fire Red contact lenses, it is like you are having real diamonds in your eyes. The sparkles of 3 tone color of red give a scintillating effect that makes your eyes look wider, but also extremely attracting and fascinating for this Halloween 2012. If you are looking for a modern style of contact lenses that can show a vivid color on every natural eye color, then these Diamond 3 Tone Red contact lenses are what you want. Be the first among your friends to show this newest DIAMOND 3 TONE RED style of circle lenses and impress everybody !

Wear vs. Unwear [FLASH]

Wear vs. Unwear [NATURAL]    


Color :
If u are looking for a Unatural and Dramatic colour I think you should try it contact lens series that has a diamond design with the addition of 3 tone colors to create a unique style that looks more fascinating and modern than before.

Design :
These are also my favorite pair of lens I also loved the Diamond effect which made them look a little more interesting for such a simple design.They make my eyes brighter like a diamond [shine bright like a dimaond] *ups and the colour is quite charming

Comfort :
These are the most or superduper comfortable lens
honestly, I really like the lens because the lens has never caused me eye irritation , not prop it is the most important thing so I recommend these lenses for my daily activities

Enlargement :
these are a bit bigger for usual 15mm size , I was not too fond of oversized lenses because my eyes are very disturbing, too prop and blah blah blah … the enlargement is Cool.
They are not too big though also have a good enlarging effect.

Overall :
I recommend this lens for everyone great lenses, most indicated if you’re going for beautiful although the color is unatural, but the impression is very gorgeous diamond and can mix with my eyes, that’s what I like, not too problematic
Unique design gives the impression of gloss in your eyes .

Where To Buy :
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