Red Veins on Your Eyes

Red Veins on Your Eyes

how to cure red veins on white eyes

Sometimes you party all night and the next morning you wake up with tired face and lots of red veins in your white eyes. Cosmetic makeup can hide your tired face but can’t hide those red veins in your eyes, so you have to understand why it happens.

Red veins on the white part of your eyes are quite normal and have no bad impact on your vision but these tiny red veins can effect your self esteem when it comes to beauty issue. Your eyes are an important part of your body when you meet or speak with your friends. 

Many people are concerned about the veins in their eyes, because it makes them look tired, look unhealthy and not pretty. These red veins are just normal for some people but if you suddenly have this redness, you may have dry eyes or other symptoms. 

how to cure red veins on white eyes

Main causes of the red veins in the white part of your eyes


– Untreated dry eye syndrome irritates and strains your eyes until they show red veins.

– Allergic reactions and dry air conditionning also cause irritation of your eyes.

– Too much exposure to the sunlight or UV rays without good UV blocking sunglasses.

– Computer eye strain: people who keep reading or working in front of computer for many hours without taking a break have more chance to have these red veins in their eyes.

– Overuse of vasoconstrictor eye drops, this kind of eye drop reduces the redness in the eyes by narrowing the blood vessels. This means that when you stop using the eye drops your red veins will come back even larger and more red than before.


Having permanently red veins on the white part of your eyes can make you feel insecure and push you to avoid eye contact with other people, but you are not the only one who have this cosmetic eye issue and you can find some solutions.

how to cure red veins on white eyes

How to treat your eyes ?


Set an appointment to meet an eye doctor is the first thing that you should do instead of trying to cure your red veins by yourself. Doctors can determine if have health issues such as allergies or dry eyes syndromes that lead to the redness of your eyes.

Doctor can provide a proper remedy to cure you if you have dry eye, allergies or other health issues to keep your red veins under control. 

Your eye doctor will also recommend some general ways to control the red veins by taking supplements that contain flaxseed oil or by using lubricating eye drops such as Genteal instead of vasoconstrictor eye drops.

You can still use vasoconstrictors eye drops but only for special occasions like job interview but use them only 2 or 3 times a week maximum to avoid overuse and rebound redness effect. 

Also you have to make sure that your eyes are moist and healthy. The easiest way to keep your eye healthy is to keep drinking a lot of water, cheap and efficient way to keep your eye moist all day long.


how to cure red veins on white eyes