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File Complaint Online and Get a Reply has never asked to any customers to publish a review on because we think that it is customers choice to decide to publish a review or not.

But, as you might know, unfortunately only customers who have something negative to tell usually post a review, and most of the time these reviews do not reveal the truth because when people are disappointed, even because of their own action, they often lie and do not relate 100% of the truth.

As customer service is one of the best and the fastest that any online shop can offer and as products are only genuine products that are thoroughly checked by our team, it is hard or even impossible to post a negative review about our products and service.

Yes, delivery to some destinations can sometimes take longer than expected, but everybody who orders goods from abroad should know that delivery can be delayed because of customs clearance. Does a shop that offers the best service and products deserve a negative review for a slow delivery that cannot be controled ? Of course not, nobody with a stable mind would complain online for a slow delivery when buying goods from abroad, especially when delivery is free ! Yes, people seem to forget that is the only contact lens shop that offers free worldwide delivery for any order.

And this is actually the only negative reviews that you can find about, some people complaining about delivery because they live far from our office and live in a country where customs clearance is slow or even sometimes intentionally delayed by customs who expect customers to claim their parcel and pay a high fee.

The truth is that none of our customers ever had to pay any customs tax because we send all parcels declared as gift and without any company name or logo. also had another kind of negative review that is not justified: we offer free contact lenses to people who publish reviews, but these reviews must be conform to our requirements and if a review is not complete customers receive an Email to explain them how to complete it. We wonder how can somebody dare to tell that we never explained what has to be modified in their review, when the way to complete each review is clearly explained in the message that we send.

As you now know, never had any negative review about its products and service, and our store does not deserve any negative review, but still, some grumpy customers find a dishonest way to publish a negative review.

Should we also remind to these customers that is the only online shop that offers a free contact lens pair with amy order ? No, we are sure that they can remember, but still, they intentionally publish a fake review of our store.


We never asked to any customer to post a review on but we now have to do it, so please publish a review on to tell the truth to people who check online if our store is a good reliable store or not. Thank you for your help.




Great that you took the time to tell that you have received your order quickly and also a free pair, thank you. We send a free pair to all customers who publish a review but we are sorry if you were not able to understand the message explaining how to complete your review. You are a liar when you tell that we never explained how to complete your review and anybody who sends us a review knows that we are going to publish it but not you, we are sorry about it.




You have received the correct products and also your free pair. Shipping to your country can sometimes be slow but anybody who orders goods from abroad knows that customs can delay any delivery. You forgot to add that thanks to our great packing and friendly shipping you didn’t have to pay any importation tax. Your messages were sent to spam because you didn’t send us any message with the Email address that you have used to purchase on our store. Hundreds people got a free pair for contact lens review, only your review is a scam.




You have received the correct products, we have even sent you photos of similar products and a ruler to show you that the diameter is correct, but still you believe that you know better than us and the evidences that we provided, sorry but there is nothing else that we can do when customers receive the products that they bought but do not like them. You are right, you are “very pathetic” as you dare to call us.




Your have been notified that your parcel was available, we reminded you many times but you still didn’t go to get it, then it was returned. Following our clear policy a second shipping is not free, so you have been refunded because you didn’t pay for a second shipping and we couldn’t send your order again.