Review Blue Contact Lens Geo Super Nudy Blue XCH-622

Review Blue Contact Lens Geo Super Nudy Blue XCH-622

Geo super-nudy contact lenses
22 07 2012

Hi guys! Long time no see huh? Today I’m writing about contact lenses! Namely, SKU: GEO SUPER NUDY BLUE XCH-622 WITH BLACK RING.

So the other week a couple friends of mine rocked up to my place with these, gorgeous eyes right? Green with envy I searched all corners of the world wide web for a nice, affordable pair of my own. Then I found this site,

So I ordered a pair of lenses, I only bought one pair. Although they had these awesome offers like, buy 2 get 1 free! They were REALLY cheap, valued at $ 19.90 USD! So I bought myself a pair!

They arrived in about a week, in this nice envelope. They were in two small cute buffered saline bottles wrapped in a boatload of bubble wrap we had fun popping later. I soaked them overnight though the minimum is 6 hours.

I was hesitant on trying them on in the fear they’d make no difference on my practically black eyes. But sweet baby jesus! They were great! I got a free lens case, free shipping and adorable contacts all for under 20 bucks! I was elated.

They look like this in the case


The colour was exactly what I was hoping for! 8/10 for the colour! It is a stunning dark blue with a black outline for dolly-eyed look.



The enlargement, man! I wasn’t expecting them to be so big, but I wasn’t expecting to like the bigness that much either! They weren’t too big, but the enlargement was noticeable, and I had endless compliments flowing from friends, family and even strangers!
8\10 for the enlargement


And the comfort, it was mehhh. After wearing them for 6 hours they got pretty uncomfortable. But before the 6 hour mark I just melted into them.

6/10 for comfort.

The shipping, as i previously stated was. Incredibly fast!

Overall I’m happy with this purchase, and would recommend solution-lens to everyone! Great price, excellent shipping for all us inpatient people out there and great quality! I’m ordering a second pair and maybe even a third!

Once you buy the lenses, be sure to write a review cause if you do you get another pair of free lenses! Whats there not to love about this website? Who doesn’t love free stuff? Solution-lens also has a blog you can see once you’re on their site, which gives out tips for first time wearers and answers Questions, etc.

Colour: 8/10
Enlargement: 8/10
Comfort: 6/10
Shipping: 9/10

Thanks for reading guys!