Review Brown Contact Lens Dueba Puffy Brown

Review Brown Contact Lens Dueba Puffy Brown


Thursday, 31 May 2012
{CL Review} Vassen Puffy 3Tone Brown! – pt3
As promised, tonight’s post will be my 3rd pair of lenses from! As mentioned in my past reviews from their company, they are an amazing site with a bunch of deals, and authentic lenses from Vassen, Geo and Dueba! With amazing package deals, and prices as low as 19.90USD AND free worldwide shipping, you cant really go wrong.

Colour/Design: 3/5

Even though I heard these lenses were very bright, I was hoping they wouldn’t look too fake, especially against my dark eyes..which they totally did. I’m not sure what I was going for with these lenses, I just thought they looked pretty on other people, so I figured I’d give them a go. The colour you see was definitely what you got. They gave my eyes a hazel tone and the red burst in the middle was very apparent while I was wearing the lenses. My friends said I looked like a vampire when I wore them :(. Weird thing is though, these are almost identical to my brothers natural eye colour…makes me and him look like twins haha!

Enlargement: 4/5

At 15mm, these lenses are quite big, but since fit nicely in my eyes without making me look bug eyed. The lenses focus more on the colour I would say, since the size looks so natural and wearable for a 15mm lens. I thought it was only 14.5mm until I double checked for this post >.<. For 15mm these lenses are super easy to put in and not drying at all

Comfort: 5/5

Like I said in the previous section, the lenses are very wearable and comfortable, without much drying even though they are 15mm. I wore these for a good 6 or 7 hours before I started feeling that drying sensation, and that was without eye drops or anything, in a dry shop, while I was working. Pretty impressive, but they are from Vassen, which is known for their amazingly comfortable lenses.

Overall: 3/5

Although I do really like these lenses, the colour throws me off the most. They take these wonderful lenses from everyday wear, to cosplay and night time since the colours and blending is so unnatural, on my eyes anyways. I do highly recommend them though if you are looking for something very bright and eye catching with a beautiful colour range. I just find them a little too light for my darker complexion…..Ash brown hair or honey coloured hair and fair complexion would look amazing with this colour lens I would think.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was going to do a room tour, but I feel like I could still do much more with my room before it was blog ready, so unfortunately I’m not doing that yet lol. Butttttt! my next post will probably be something really fun so STAY TUNED!!

Goodnight fair readers!