Review Color Contact Lens on Youtube Channel

Review Color Contact Lens on Youtube Channel


My name is Keycee and I have a beauty channel on youtube with over 10 600 subscribers, where I create content such as makeup tutorials and product reviews. I have done a few contact lenses videos in the past, where I reviewed them thorougly. Links will be listed below.

Youtube Channel:


I plan on incorporating your contact lenses in a makeup tutorial which focuses greatly on the eyes, as well as including a review throughout the video.

I would like to review this contact lens —> DUEBA HIDROCOR CRYSTAL GRAY CONTACT LENS

I am looking forward to your response. Thank you for your time!

Kind Regards,


Thank you for your message.

Please follow these easy steps to receive a contact lens pair.

1- Post this text on all your social accounts/channels/websites:

“I will review contact lenses when I receive the pair that they have sent me. Please follow me if you want to read it soon.”

2- Reply to this message to send us the LINKS TO YOUR PAGES announcing the review, with your complete NAME + ADDRESS and the COLOR of the contact lenses that you want to review.

3- When you receive our parcel please publish the promised review, and if it is complete enough we will send you another free pair to make your next review.

4- Please wait 4 weeks to receive your parcel as the demand is high and we can only send few free pairs everyday.


Thank you so much !


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