Review Green Contact Lens Vassen Mino Forest Green

Review Green Contact Lens Vassen Mino Forest Green


Circle Lens + Shop Review! pt. 1


This week I feel fuelled up to write blog, so far I’m pretty impressed with my output. :) Today I bring you another long awaited post out of a series of 3, and its none other then my review of my new lenses I bought from Solution-Lens!

As usual I am not only going to review the lenses, but also my interaction with the store, so in case anyone wants to order from them, it is easy to compare!

I stumbled upon this website while searching for a good cheap place to get some pretty lenses, and after umming and awwing about it, I finally decided to go for it and order! This site has a very unique incentive plan. With each lens you buy, priced at 19.90USD, you are eligible to receive another pair of your choice for free! Also they have a great sales on lenses, for example the one I went with was to buy 2 lenses and get 1 free (all priced at 19.90), so I only paid about 40USD for 3 great pairs of lenses. They also have other great fixed sales where you can buy up to 15 lenses for $199, which evens out to 13 dollars per pair!! <3

Anyways back to my orders….

The 3 lenses I purchased were the Vassen Mimo Forest Green, Geo Angel Grey and the Dueba Puffy 3tone Brown lenses…for only 40 bucks…AMAZING!! I had originally wanted the Vassen Vivian Green, but the lovely customer service staff emailed me right away and told me that those lenses were out of stock, and even gave me suggestions on other styles that I may like that were similar to the original lenses I wanted.

When I finally got my lenses they were packed in a cute yellow envelope that had a big heart sticker on it. On opening up the package, I saw my nicely packaged vials, individually wrapped in bubble wrap, and then wrapped together in their pairs. There was also separate wrap that held the cases, and then everything was neatly put into clear bags. I did only receive 2 lens cases which I wasn’t expecting, but they aren’t expensive so I bought my own. NBD

Anywhooo, today’s review will be the Vassen Mimo Forest Green lenses! (Woot!) These will be my first colourful lenses…other then my grey ones…but ya. I was so excited to get some colourful lenses!
They are a really nice mix of a bright green and black. They have a small black outer ring with black dashes throughout the green.


Colour: 2/5
After I put them on however, I couldn’t notice too much green. My eyes are very dark brown, almost black, so with the black design, they blended a little too well, and only shows green when I get the halo effect.

Enlargement: 5/5
These are the first lenses that iv ever worn that enlarge my eyes so ridiculously..and I actually don’t mind it! They give me a great dolly look, especially since they are so dark, and really helps bring more attention to my face since it helps even out my big mouth haha.

Comfort: 5/5
These are also my first lenses from the Vassen company, who are known for their high water content and comfortable lenses. They definitely live up to their hype. I have never had lenses that have felt so amazing in my face! even though they are huge, it feels like there is nothing on my eyes, they don’t stick or move around, they fit perfectly!


Overall: 4/5
I do really like these lenses, even though the colour is completely not what I wanted. They are the perfect lenses for photos or if I want to do a super dolly look. I wasn’t all dolled up in the pictures, but I’m sure with some heavier makeup and some lashes, I will definitely like them and give them a full 5 out of 5!

Next will be the second instalment, and I will be reviewing the Dueba Puffy 3Tone Brown lenses :) Stay tuned, and please check  out! They have a huge range and great prices! You will not be disappointed ;)