Shrek And Fiona Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Shrek And Fiona Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Today everyone knows Dreamworks animation movies Shrek, a nice fat ogre with green skin. Shrek lives in a swamp and meets princess Fiona during one of his epic adventures, they get married in the first movie episode.

Shrek series is made of three movies at the moment. This fictional creature with his strong personality and his green skin, funny and sensitive is the darling of young and older. So, Shrek is the ideal character if you want to enjoy positive feedbacks from the mass. It is much funnier to pick up a pretty lady being Shrek instead of being an ugly zombie or another scary creature.

Ok, Shrek is not handsome, but he’s more handsome than a walking dead or a monster. The good point if you dare to wear Shrek costume, is that you have a serious sens of humour.

Shrek and Fiona ears

Before thinking about Shrek makeup, use your imagination to make your head looks like Shrek’s head if you are guy or Fiona’s head if you are a girl. Focus on the ears which are what makes Shrek and Fiona really different from humans. You can get their cute green ears in any costume shop or order them online, you can also get some other Shrek body parts like, hands and nose. If you are creative and DIY enthusiast you can find a way to make Shrek and Fiona ears on your own. Take a plastic headband as base and create two ears with a paper that you wrap like a cone and paint in green before gluing them on the headband. The other solution is to use a green beanie and glue your green ears on it.



Choose a Matching Circle Lenses Pair

If you want to have the green ogre look, then you’ll need a pair of hazel soft circle lenses also called Korean lenses. It will give a high intensity to your eyes and credibility to your costume.

We recommend you the brown Geo Bella, brown Geo Princess Mimi, Brown Geo Angel or Geo Grang Grang. but if you prefer to have your eyes matching your skin you might choose the Geo SF-10.

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Shrek and Fiona Makeup

The green ogre makeup is not rocket science but it will need a bit of time. First check that you have enough green body paint to apply on your face, neck and other visible parts of your body, it will depend of your costume.

The best way to apply the green paint on your skin and get a plain tone is to use a wet sponge. Once it’s done you can use a makeup pencil, brown or black to draw bigger eyelashes.

You are now finally set to be the best kind green ogre in history.


Enjoy this Halloween, we wish you all the best green things !