Phototheft and Circle Lenses Phototheft and Circle Lenses

Dear customers,
If you have found on our store any pictures that belong to you just send us the links and we will delete them immediately, it is as simple as this.
We buy pictures from online companies and often receive photos from customers, so we cannot inbestigate one by one that these pictures really belong to our customers or not, sorry about it.
We always delete any pictures that someone claims and it is totally wrong to believe that we are using copyrighted photos knowing that they are.
If you have read old information on old blogs published by liars who do not even correct their wrong information please just ignore them. If any allegations about our shop were true we couldn’t remain in business for years and forevever. We will still be here when these blogs will be closed, so we do not really care. 
Also, any information published on Internet is free advertising for us, so we do not ask to anyone to delete their lies. You might know that “only no press is bad press”, so as long as something is published about us, even negative, it is still free advertising, luckily bloggers do not understand this.
We send thousand of orders monthly and if anybody had any intelligent and useful complaint to make we guess that it would be done already.
Thank you again for caring about our business, we really appreciate it, and we hope that you will be able to review some of our products soon.