CUSTOMERS REVIEW: Review Gray Color Lens Geo Xtra Natural WMI-245 Gray Review Gray Color Lens Geo Xtra Natural WMI-245 Gray

Contact Lens Review
It was my first time shopping online so the feelings are all mixed up: the fear..of being scammed and loosing the money… well as curiosity.. and typically, those are the things that every person would feel about online shopping specially if it’s their first time.. But then again..if you really wanna get something.. you have to be positive and take the risks..and of course, you have to use you own brain for your safety..right?

Basically, I was planning to buy a wig for my cosplay but then again, I cancelled it because I don’t have enough money right now so I’ve decided to buy contact lenses instead… I was originally browsing at that time and then when I was about to check out the item, I was surprised that I was on different site which was the (LOL) and that’s how i found out about the site..

Geo WMI245-grey

Moving on.. Geo WMI245-grey was the very first pair of contact lenses that I bought which was 15mm diameter.. I chose these lenses because they are pretty simple and I know that it will give a natural look based on the picture shown.. I got them for only $19.90..

Shipping Process and Communication

Ok .. so one thing that I am so amazed about is that they immediately response on every question I ask.. **thumbs up for that !** and right after the payment was cleared, they sent me an email saying that the parcel will be sent to my address. They gave me the tracking number as well as the site where I can track it which is really really great so that I can keep an eye on my order since it came all the way from Thailand ^_^
The shipping process was pretty fast and it came on the right time as expected (approximately 2 weeks after the parcel was sent out for delivery.

The Item [Lenses]

It was Sept 17th when the item was delivered here but unfortunately, I was at school so basically, I got the parcel the day after.. xD

This is how the package actually looks like..sorry for the censored parts though :D.. Anyway, it’s cute and i’m still keeping the envelope for remembrance since it’s my first time buying online. LOL. Oh! by the way..thankyou so much for the fancy earings., It really surprised me a lot..haha.. XD

Going back.. the lenses really look exactly what was on the picture. I didn’t took a picture of it though, but here is an example of image of what does it really looks like..

[Image credits to]

and here is a picture of what do they look like when worn..These lenses create a natural enlargement effect due to its size,design and color which makes my eyes look “dollyer”.. When you actually get used wearing these, they are pretty comfortable..It’s like you are not wearing anything in your eyes. And by the way, these were verified by the Geo Anti-fake system []. I mean, they are not fake.. I did check them right before opening the vials..

So yeah.. that’s it.. these lenses are really nice, so natural and comfortable when you wear them..It really blends my eyes very well.. and I’m planning to buy another pair but I’m still thinking about it.. All credits to Thank you very much for these nice lenses..

Here are some photos of mine wearing Geo WMI245(grey)

without flash :3


This photo was taken using LG smartphone :3 :3 | (c)2012