CUSTOMERS REVIEW: Review Mimi Morning Glory Green

Review Mimi Morning Glory Green Review Mimi Morning Glory Green
FIRST OF ALL: THE SHIPPING IS 100 % FREE! and there are no custom issues because the parcel is sent as a gift. Review Mimi Morning Glory Green Review Mimi Morning Glory Green
Hey guys! This is my first review evaaaaaaaaaaaaar! And yeeeey, it’s going to be a review about a store that I love love love! Review Mimi Morning Glory Green
Now let’s start with the lens review!
I received this lenses
 “MIMI MORNING GLORY GREEN” Review Mimi Morning Glory Green Review Mimi Morning Glory Green
First things first the lens information:
Price: 19,90 $
·  100% Genuine Korean product made in Korea
·  Approved in USA, Europe and Asia
·  Ophthalmologists and optical shops certified
·  5 Years Expiry date before opening the vials, 1 year after opening
·  Perfect for both dark and light colored eyes
·  Brand : Mimi by Toni – Factory Geo Medical co.,ltd
·  FDA 510(k), CE, KGMP, ISO13485, MHLW, GOST-R, THAI FDA
·  Diameter 15.0 mm
·  Base Curve 8.8
·  Water content 40%
I bought these ones for my Rin Hoshizora Cheongsam version cosplay from Love Live School Idol Project and I’m thrilled how gorgeous they are. They are super comfortable and super vibrant! I couldn’t find any which could fit her eyes but then I searched up on and BAM there they were. Can’t wait to test them at the next convention where everybody can see these beautiful lenses fitting perfectly my cosplay!
Last but not least let me answer some of the questions the lovely guys from solution-lens asked me to answer.
Q: What is the natural color of your eyes and style ?
My eyecolor is a mix between blue grey and a hint of green. Review Mimi Morning Glory Green
Q: What are you favorite contact lenses colors and brands ?
VASSEN and I love love love the green ones and the brown ones Review Mimi Morning Glory Green
Q: Do you often wear color lenses (which brands) ?
I do! As a cosplayer it’s a must have for me to wear colored contact lenses.
Q: Where did you find our store (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, blogs, friends…)?
I found the store when I was searching for blue contact lenses for my Maya Natsume cosplay.
Q: What contact lenses do you like on our store (add photos and links) ?
My favorite contacts aren’t specific ones, because I love ALL OF THE colors and I also need different colors for my cosplays, that’s why I don’t specifiy myself on a particular color or brand. But mostly I’m in love with brown/hazel and gold contact lenses and the VASSEN ones.
Q: Is our website easy to visit / browse ?
Yes, it is! If following everything right, it’s super easy. Also the necessary informations are always given.
Q: Is our customer service good / quick ?
The service is  a great one, because the lenses are usually 1-2 weeks after ordering at your home and you also get a tracking number, which is great, because you can track where your lenses are at the moment.
Q: What do you think about lens color ?
All of the colors are just as the pictures. They are super vibrant for cosplay and natural on a daily basis. Review Mimi Morning Glory Green
Q: What do you think about lens comfort ?
Until now all of the lenses I ordered for this site are super comfy and wearable throughout the day without itching or something else.
Q: What do you think about lens enlargement ?
For MY eyes, which are naturally very big, the lenses give a huge enlargement so that I can easily wear them for my dolly cosplays.
Q: What is your overall opinion about the lenses ?
They were as always the best ones and the perfect ones for my cosplay!
Q: What is your overall opinion about our store ?
All in all the store is very easy to use, very reliable and very quick
I hope you guys liked the review and I also hope that you can visit so that you can convince yourself of the good quality, price and colors of the lenses from this store.
Also, if you want to get YOUR own free pair of lenses from this store you can enter their permanent giveaway! For more information, use the link below.