Sweet Reasons to Reduce Sugar for Better Eyes

Sweet Reasons to Reduce Sugar for Better Eyes

Sweet Reasons to Reduce Sugar for Better Eyes

Everyone loves holidays, this is the time to relax, have fun and enjoy good food. We also love to eat cakes, ice cream and all of sweet desserts during this special moments. The more sugar the more we feel happy, but do you know that too much sugar is bad for your health and your eyes ? Yes, we are sure that you have already heard that it’s bad to give sugar to dogs, but we are not sure that you also know that sugar is also bad for yourself.



What is high blood sugar level ?

Blood sugar level is how much glucose your have in your blood. Glucose is the sugar that comes from foods and sweet desserts that we eat everyday. Our body will keep this glucose sugar as a main energy for the cells. This glucose will be sent to each cells through the bloodstream. The body also need insulin to bring glucose into cells, then glucose can be used for energy.


High blood sugar level happen when the body can’t make insulin or can’t respond to insulin properly. Having too much sugar in the blood for long time can cause serious health problems. It can damage our organs, increase the risk of many diseases and also cause vision problems.


Eating food with sugar, candy or regular soda can cause weight gain and increase the risk of developing diseases. Here are the top three good reasons why you should eat less sugar.



Sugar can lead to diabetes

As mentioned above, eating too much sugar causes high blood sugar level and leads to diabetes symptoms. Diabetes symptoms occur when you have too much sugar in the blood which affects your vision. The reason why you have blurred vision is because high blood sugar level changes your body and makes the lens of the eyes swell. 

People with diabetes often have headache and can’t wear contact lens. You need to control blood sugar level to keep it reasonable. Your doctor will let you know what is your target blood sugar level and give you the right information about how to take care and enjoy your life.



Sugar dries out your eyes

We know that too much sugar can dry your skin and causes wrinkle problems. Too much sugar can also damage your eyes by blocking the tears in your eyes, this will make you feel uncomfortable when wearing contact lenses. 


You will need artificial tears or eye drops to lubricate your eyes more often, but always remember that for your own health it is better to eat less sugar. This is the best solution if you want to have a better vision and live longer.



Sugar damages immune system

This is not a new information, generally our body has to fight many bacteria, viruses and many diseases both external and internal to the body. When you have too much sugar or glucose in your body, it is more difficult for the immune system to fight and protect you. High blood sugar has a negative impact on your immune system and will make you weak: you will get sick easily from common sickness like flu and you will need moe time than other people to recover.


Sweet Reasons to Reduce Sugar for Better Eyes


It makes sense to avoid these negative effects from sugar for a better health and for your eyes.

If you love sweet food and consume a lot of soda and desserts that are full of sugar, it is wise to keep checking your health and also your eyes every year. 

Please visit your eye doctor if you want to keep your eyes healthy or if you suffer from any type of vision change.