Tactile Contact Lenses for Blind Person

Tactile Contact Lenses For Blind Person:


This new technology contact lens brings hope for the blind.

This bionic contact lens allow to transmit sensation via electrodes to the cornea, the contact lens will react from digital videos shot with a camera. The person’s brain will interpret the received signal. This contact lens is developed by a scientist named Zeev Zalevsky from Bar-Ilan University (Israel), the product is still an experiment but it could be a revolution and help millions people around the world.


How this tactile contact lens works ?

Actually, a simple smartphone or a mini camera displayed on the blind person will send an encoded image to the contact lens which physically press the image onto the surface of the eye. These tactile sensations will make the brain create its own image. Having a good reading of these “pictures” will take time and will need a real training, this method is similar to learning braille which is already 200 years old. The big advantage is that the person can see shapes without using hands.




This is a real innovation for the blind or person with hard visual issues, they will be able to have a better view of they environment and their daily life will be easier. They will need less help from other people, but they will have to wait a bit more until the contact lens is on the market. For the moment this contact lens has only been clinically tested. According to the Director of research the first clinical tests have been encouraging and decisive. The patients who have tested this contact lens have been able to recognize the objects shown with a 90% success rate.

Contact lenses will continue to surprise us, every year scientists and engineers find new purpose or application and nobody knows if it is going to end. They already created contact lenses able to display datas, scan tears to know sugar rate for diabetic people, infra red vision and more.


Contact lenses are the future and the hole world will know it soon.