Things Not to Do With Korean Contact Lenses

Things Not to Do With Korean Contact Lenses


Wearing contact lenses to correct vision issues or simply for decorative purpose with colored circle lenses or Korean lenses could be harmful if the basic rules of hygiene are not respected.


You should take maximum precautions and start following all the recommendations provided by your ophthalmologist, your optician or at least read and follow the instructions on the contact lenses brochure. Following these recommendations can prevent many problems with your eyes and let you plainly enjoy the benefit that contact lenses can bring to your life.

Important things to know about contact lenses


We now want to share with you a little list with the most important things to do with your contact lenses.

– When you are short with contact lens care multi-function solution, you rinse your contacts with tap water or mineral water and soap.
This is something that should be banned. Actually if you are out of contact lens solution the only thing to do is to take a brand new pair. If you prefer you can wear daily contact lenses which don’t need any special care.


– If you feel uncomfortable, an irritation, itchy, burn or if your vision is getting blurred and you decide to wait and let the time fix this, then you’re taking huge risks.
You should be attentive to any abnormal sign and react immediately to avoid any complication and put your eyes in danger. In one of these cases the first thing to do is to take off your contact lenses and use right away a contact lens care multi function solution.


– You take a shower or swim in the sea or swimming pool with your contact lenses.
This is a high-risk behavior that can create eye infections because water contains micro-organisms potentially dangerous for your eyes. You absolutely have to take off your circle lenses during these activities.



– You don’t care that your circle lenses have expired and you wear them anyway.
Don’t try to save few dimes extending your contact lenses lifetime, at the end of the day it will cost you much more than money, you can loose an eye.


– You want to try your friend’s contact lenses to see if they can correct your vision, or if these contacts are decorative you want to see how they look on you esthetically.
Don’t make that mistake. First because contact lenses that have been worn have their shape modified by the wearer, exactly like shoes second hand contact lenses wont be adapted to your cornea shape. Also remember that contact lenses can transmit bacterias and infectious diseases.


– You don’t have special lens case to keep your circle lenses and you let them in a open air space.
Once again this is something that should be banned because your contact lenses are going to be dry and they can also attract dust that is very bad and harmful for your eyes.

Don’t be imprudent, your contact lenses should always be kept in sterile environment, soaking in multi purpose solution.

Your contact lenses should be also preserved from the heat or the light.


If you follow these basic rules you will never have any problem and will be able to wear contact lenses all your life.