Three Things That Contact Lens Wearers Should Never Recycle

3 Things That Contact Lens Wearers Should Never Recycle

Three Things That Contact Lens Wearers Should Never Recycle

We all know that recycling is important and by using recycled materials we save on energy consumption and help our planet. But when it comes to health care, contact lens wearers have to know that recycling can be dangerous and harm to your eyes.

Basic proper contact lens care is easy and we all know how: dry cleaned hands, handle lens with finger tips, ensure that the lens is clean and put the correct side of lens on your eyes.

Let’s be honest, do you actually follow all of these steps every time when you take care your lenses? Many contact lens users still don’t know but are afraid to ask, so here is the top 3 questions asked by contact lenses wearers.


Is it safe to recycle contact lens solution ?


The answer is “NO”, never recycle any contact lens solution. Many contact lens wearers still don’t know and keep reusing their solution to store the lenses. If you take your lenses out of their case in the morning and put them back in the same solution when you come back, this is very bad and you should not do it anymore.

You may feel that the solution in the case is safe because you always have clean hands when you handle your lenses and always clean the lenses carefully before putting them back to the case, but actually nothing can be as clean as new solution coming from the closed solution bottle. Some wearers add new solution to the old solution and think that there is no risk but they are wrong.

If you use the same solution to soak your lenses again and again you take risks with your eyes, eye infection and other serious eye issues can rise anytime. The old solution in the case is like a sea of bacteria, these little germs are growing in your case every minute and will soon attack your lenses.

Do you still want to take the risk ? Daily or weekly disposable contact lenses might be a better choice if you are lazy and hate doing lens maintenance, but these daily lenses are expensive.

If you still want to use our yearly contact lenses but do not want to clean them often enough you just need to dispose the lenses every week or every month, then order new ones. offers affordable prices with the best promotions available online, so you can enjoy new contact lenses every week.


Can I recycle my contact lens case ?


No, you can’t recycle your contact lens case. Recycling old case is like begging for an eye infection.

Using a case for too long without replacing it is a bad idea and if you huse the same contact lens case for a year, you are growing germs in the case and taking the risk of eye infection.

This is very important, an old case is a house of germs growing on the case itself and also on the lenses.

We always recommend to our customer to clean the case thoroughly with solution every day and replace the case every month or every three months maximum. Every single time you use your lenses, you also need to rinse your case with fresh solution and let it dry.

Cleaning your case with tap water or saline solution is not a great idea either. It will not clean or disinfect your case and lenses. Keep in mind to only contact lens solution to rinse the case, do not use saline solution or tap water. 


Can I recycle my old contact lenses ?

Throwing the old lenses away is difficult for some people, we understand that but we have to say “NO” again.

Do not recycle old contact lenses. Most people keep their lenses too long and keep wearing expired lenses. You might think that it’s okay because you only used them a few times but this is a similar hazard as using an old case. 

After soaking contact lenses in solution for months, these lenses may no longer be good to wear again. If you didn’t write the information or set an alert to replace your lenses, you might not know if the lenses have actually expired. You need to learn how to set replacement schedule.

Old contact lenses are coated with germs, bacteria and proteins from your eyes but also from contact lens solution. The lenses will lose their shape and you will feel uncomfortable when wearing them, but you also take the risk of infection.


These are the biggest mistakes that people do and you can avoid them easily, so please take care of your lenses and eyes.


Please contact if you need more information on proper care and hygiene for contact lenses.

Three Things That Contact Lens Wearers Should Never Recycle