Toric Korean Circle Lens for Astigmatic

Can people with astigmatism wear the same circle lenses as people who are not astigmatic ?


Toric Korean Circle Lens for Astigmatic


Yes, people with astigmatism can wear circle lenses.

No, people who are astigmatic should not wear exactly the same circle lenses as people who do not have any eyesight problem, they need circle lenses for astigmatic, even if some still prefer to wear classic circle lenses because they are cheaper.


If your doctor said that you have slight astigmatism you can wear circle lenses for astigmatism also known as toric contact lenses, you cannot wear classic non corrective plano lenses.


Availability of circle lenses for astigmatic people depends on the brand, Korean manufacturers as Dueba G&G make toric contact lenses but they are available in less different styles and colors than usual circle lenses or cosmetic contact lenses, the type of lens which offers most of the lens styles.


Many people with slight astigmatism have decided to wear normal circle lenses instead of toric contact lenses because they are cheaper and available in many colors and styles, but also because their doctor told them that they can.


If you really want toric contact lenses, you can find them on some online contact lens stores in US and Europe, but also at some optical shops.