CUSTOMERS REVIEW: Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner Review

Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner Review


  We will never repeat enough that, to avoid eye diseases or infections, it is crucial to be rigorous about the way you take care of your colored contact lenses. You should ALWAYS respect the basic rules of hygiene which are quite simple. Following these few rules will let you fully enjoy wearing colored contact lenses and never have any issue.


Has everyone, you will need cleansing multi-purpose solutions to take good care of your circle lenses, but, to complete and get a good cleaning job you must use an ultrasonic cleaner which is good for both soft and hard contact lenses.


This device is the best tool to deeply clean your contact lenses of impurities and proteins in few minutes. Without this ultrasonic device your contact lenses need a full night soaking in multi-purpose solution. Thanks to the ultrasonic device you won’t need to rub your contact lenses manually and risk to damage them anymore.


Using this ultrasonic device is pretty easy, all you need to do is to open it up, put the contact lenses in their little tank and fill it up with multi-purpose solution, only few milliliters will be enough. Close the device lid and turn it on, wait around 3 or 4 minutes. Some devices offer tweezers to grab contact lenses and a timer to let you set yourself the time. Technically an ultrasonic device is simple. This device makes ultrasonic waves which produce micro bubbles that can go deep and gently remove protein, dusts and other impurities on the contact lenses.

The ultrasonic device use is recommended especially when your contact lenses have been exposed to an hostile environment like fumes, gas and air full of particles. It is also perfect to remove mascara or other makeup that you accidentally have put on the contact lenses.


This ultrasonic device has many advantages, it keeps your contact lenses safe as any contact lens case and clean them as well.

It it silent, light and compact, you can carry it anywhere with you and you do not need to waste you time to clean manually your contact or circle lenses. This ultrasonic device costs around $30 for an entry level unit as the CD-2900 or CE-3200.

It does exist on different names on the internet as Jiekang, Kowellsonic, etc, but these two codes never change and you can order your ultrasonic lens cleaner now.