Valentine’s Day Gift to Do with Lens Vials

Valentine’s Day Gift to Do with Lens Vials

Creative and Unique Glass Vial Pendant Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Your Lover


If you’re feeling creative and trying to make an unique gift by showing your own style and how you feel to someone you love this Valentine’s day, then this glass vial pendant gift idea is perfect as a Valentine’s day gift to offer to someone you love.

This glass vial pendant is great for Valentine’s day gift and you can decide to offer a personalized message pendant or a pendant to keep some souvenirs inside the vial.

If you have ever bought contact lenses this fun gift is very easy to make because you already own the vial that is needed.

This DIY glass vial pendant is inspired by the idea of recycling opened contact lenses vials and turn them into beautiful Valentine’s day gifts as a sweet pendant necklace, a unique way to send a mini message in a bottle or to offer a personalized souvenir box.

Contact lens vials have the perfect size to make a pendant and they are also fun to use as you can put inside anything you want. You can add tiny flowers, sparkle glitter, rainbow cotton candy, colorful beads, little heart shaped candies, sweet mini chocolate chips and so much more as long as these items can fit in the bottle.

If you want to make a necklace you need a contact lens glass vial, cork bung, few jump rings, assembled pendant cord or silver cable chain or ribbon, strong adhesive and something that you want to fill in the vial.

You can fill and create your own pendant and design your necklace style as you want but look at these pendants ideas to inspire your creativity:


DIY Contact Lens Glass Vial with Colorful CandiesBeautiful Glass Vial Pendant Charm


And if you want to send a message to someone you love this Valentine’s Day, we have some fun and cute ideas for you with the “mini message bottle” pendant.




DIY Mini Message In The Bottle For Valentine's Day



This message bottle is very easy to create as you only need an empty contact lens glass vial, a fit cork, a piece of paper and some decoration stuff such as mini cute charm, sweet color twine, beads or beautiful lace.

Feel free to type or handwrite your sweet message to tell how you feel or just say the forever quote “I Love You”.

You can decorate your message paper by sweet color twine and mini charm, then put your message in the contact lens vial and close it with a fit cork.

You can finish your mini bottle by adding mini charm and tie the rope.

It is always sweet and nice to send a little note to your lover and this Valentine’s gift is perfect to include your message.





You can create unique gifts for your lover this Valentine’s day by following our ideas and using your empty contact lens vials, but if you want to offer the perfect gift to someone special this Valentine’s day or for any occasions then our Contact lenses Value Gift Boxes are the best choice for you.

Be creative and have fun this Valentine’s Day!