Wear Circle Lenses to Watch a 3D Movie

Wear Circle Lenses to Watch a 3D Movie


Today 3D technology is everywhere but it is mostly used in theaters to turn movies into an unforgettable experience. Sometimes when you want to watch a movie at a cinema the only choice is to watch it in 3D. Some movies are made especially to match with 3D technology. 3D is also not far from you because you can enjoy the experience in your living room thanks to 3D televisions or computer’s screens. At home you can watch your movies in 3D but you can also enjoy video games. 3D technology is known since almost the beginning of cinema and movies but it became popular in the 50’s. Do you remember the glasses made of paper with one blue lens and the other one red, used in the fifties ? At that time 3D was used to watch black and white movies. You are maybe too young like me to remember that, but these glasses have been used over decades for different purposes like children book or photograph. The way it works is simple when you know it. To get the 3D effect your eyes actually look at two pictures in one, two pictures have a sightly different angle, then they are superposed together to see only one picture. The result is a picture that seems to be blur, but once your glasses on, you will see a 3D image created by your brain.

The actual 3D technology works only with the help of glasses, they can be made from a simple plastic glass or more sophisticated as liquid crystal glasses. One of the first place that started to use 3D glasses with liquid crystal was Imax theater but you can also find this technology at amusement parks like Disneyworld or at the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park or many others. Liquid Crystal glasses use a different way to work than the usual glasses. Actually these lenses send information to your eyes by alternating between your left and right eye at 48 times per second frequency. The result is amasing colored 3D pictures.

Do you want to know if contact lenses are compatible with 3D technology?

The answer is “yes”, of course. You can wear any kind of contact lenses, they can be big eyes or corrective lenses. There is no need to worry about wearing circle lenses while watching a 3D movie with your 3D glasses, the result will be exactly the same, you will enjoy your movie as if you didn’t wear any contact lens. Contact lenses are actually an advantage if you want to watch a 3D movie, because if your eyes need correction and you wear glasses to correct you vision you will encounter issue when wearing 3D glasses on top of it. You might choose to wear circle lenses instead to have a better comfort and enjoy the experience of watching 3D movies peacefully.

The only problem with 3D technology can raise if you have a squint also called lazy eyes or strabisma. Your eyes won’t be in the good axes to let your brain make three-dimensional images.

Theaters are now ready to cope with the three-dimensional technology and everybody can get all the benefit of the experience with contact lenses on their eyes.

If you really want to know if you fit to 3D technology the best is to try it by yourself. Even if three-dimensional technology is really popular some people hate the feeling of it and prefer to watch their movies the traditional way. I belong to them because when I watch a movie at theater in 3D I notice a lack of contrast and a fade in colors, and sometimes I feel uncomfortable the first 15 minutes I wear the 3D classes.

What about you, tell me how you feel about 3D glasses technology ? Do you like it ?