Wear Color Contact Lenses to Charm the Perfect Man

Wear Color Contact Lenses to Charm the Perfect Man


Good news are coming for you ladies and gentlemen with blue eyes. A recent survey shows that 39% of men prefer women with blue eyes, 18% of them prefer green eyes, 23% hazel eyes and 19% brown or black eyes.

Another survey shows up that women are less attracted by the color of the eyes than guys. In fact, an experience consisted to show to women pictures of men with different eyes colors. After that the ladies were asked to choose the men they have found the most attractive. Surprisingly women have chosen the men they were attracted with, randomly without caring about the color of their eyes. In constant, the survey has confirmed again that the attractive power of women with blue eyes.

Thanks to these investigations we can tell also that men with blue eyes have preferred women with blue eyes too. Specialists think that men made this choice unconsciously because they might prefer to have the maximum chances to have a child with blue eyes. Brown and black are strong and very common colors in comparison to the blue color which is rare and indeed harder to find on human being.

Modern achievements in science and particularly optical domain allow us to change the rules of seduction. For example if your are a woman with brown eyes you can swap them to blue and give more changes to yourself to get a larger choice of men because most of them are attracted by the blue eyes. Of course changing the color of your eyes doesn’t mean surgery but using contact lenses, it is more adapted and convenient for a daily life. Circle color lenses will let you choose the color that you want and at the same time will allow you to aim the kind of men that you are looking for. Some men will follow their primary instinct to choose you in reference of the color of your eyes.

On the other side when we look closer to the results of the survey we can see that 39% of men prefer blue eyes and 18% prefer green eyes, don’t be afraid if you are a women with brown, hazel or black eyes because you still have 43% chances to be chosen by the right man. So for the ladies having dark eyes, remind yourself that it is not a handicap and your are still in the game to find the perfect match.

On the contrary, women with blue or green eyes can put on brown or black contact lenses to seduce another kind of men which means men attracted by women with dark eyes.

The best thing to do before starting the hunt is to try on different kind of contact lenses and choose your favorite color of circle lens. Choose the one you feel the most confident while wearing it, especially if it’s your first time using color circle lenses. To get the right color of contact lens is important to know which one suit the best your personality.

With the right choice of color you’ll be blossomed, it will increase your power of seduction. Choosing the color of contact lenses that you prefer is the right thing to do instead of choosing the contact lens color that men prefer. Men are men and change their mind as often as they change their socks, so ladies please don’t listen to them and choose your ideal color of contact lens by listening your heart. I recommend you to buy your circle lenses at Solution-Lens.com, the best web store with the cheapest prices for the best quality products from Korea.