Wear Contact Lenses Before or After Applying Makeup ?

Should I Wear My Contact Lenss Before or After Applying Makeup ?




Many women wonder if they should put their color lens or apply their makeup first ? Yes, as you know it is very important to respect some rules when wearing contact lenses and make up at the same time so here is how to do. 


Remember that you should only handle your contact lenses with clean hands, so you should wear contact lenses prior to applying any makeup because your fingers are still clean and because in case your contact lenses would touch your skin it is better not to have any make up that will end in your eyes.


This rule should always be respected and everybody should put color lenses first and then apply face make up.


If you makeup your eyes before inserting your contact lenses they could be in contact with eyeliner, mascara or eye shadow and the chemicals used for makeup could be dangerous for your eyes. So even if you think that you can take care enough to avoid touching your contact lenses with makeup please do not do it because risk exists and you could be in trouble if some makeup ended in your eyes. Makeup is a lot more dangerous than contact lenses but in case of problem you would think that the lenses are the problem which is actually wrong.


Also, if you make up after having inserted your contact lenses you should use it sparingly to avoid debris falling into your eyes and damaging the lens or developing an eye infection. Please close your eyes when it is posible as when you apply powder, but the best is to use only cream and avoid any kind of powder that could end in your eyes even when they are closed.


So it is possible to wear make up and color lenses at the same time, but always put your lenses in your eyes first and then apply your makeup. Never try to put your lenses on your eyes after having put makeup on your face.