Wear Green or Hazel Contact Lenses to Be Fashionable

Wear Green or Hazel Contact Lenses to Be Fashionable


If you are looking for trendy and fashionable contact lenses then you should take a look at hazel or green colors blended with other tints or not. These colors fit men and women to enhance natural beauty, use brown or green circle lenses to charm someone and utilize them as an aphrodisiac to mesmerize your partner with your recent sudden sex appeal.


Contact lenses with green tones are really appreciated by Hollywood celebrities, you can choose between emerald, fern, avocado, artichoke, forest, jungle, mantis, moss, mint, tea and many other shades of green.

With all these different shades it is very easy to match your makeup or your clothes. If you have decided to make your eyes unique then you can use the supernatural range of color lenses called “Crazy lenses”, your eyes can glow in the dark with fluorescent green, or maybe you prefer to look like an alien, then choose the green reptile contact lenses to resemble the famous alien visitors from the TV series “V”.


Wearing hazel color lenses is always a good choice too, Selected with care these lenses can be a mass seduction weapon, they can fascinate and attract other people looking at you. Always choose the hazel color depending on the color of your skin, your eyebrows or your hair, to make sure that everything matches and look natural. Just as hazel there are other tints able to seduce your secret admirer, they are curiously related to candies or food as caramel, cinnamon, chestnut, wheat, chocolate, coffee…


You can bring relief to your eyes with green or hazel circle lenses and play with light reflections because some lenses have glitters on them. Amaze people with your shiny eyes, try on blended hazel and green color lenses or other mixes like black and hazel or hazel and yellow. Play also with the designs which can be more or less complex, choose for example natural iris patterns or crazy pattern like zebra, flower, sun rays, spirals, animal eyes. etc…


Circle lenses can enlarge or reduce the size of your eyes like an optical illusion. It works if the design printed on the contact lens is larger or smaller than the original size of your iris.

The choice of colors, patterns and sizes mixed together creates an infinite possibility to find the best color lenses, your imagination is the only limit, so enjoy your shopping now when you mind is full of dreams.