Wearing Colored Contact Lenses to Take a Flight

Wearing Colored Contact Lenses to Take a Flight


Nowadays, facing the terrorist threat, world’s security airport standards are very strict for passengers especially since September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States.

If during security check, an airport officer has any doubt about your identity or anything else, it is possible that you miss your boarding. The attention on passengers in the United States reached its paroxysm especially in huge airports like JFK where every tiny details are checked by airport custom officers. They can decide to check your luggage, your clothes and even your body, they can decide if you can take your plane or not.


Among the important distinguishing physical feature, there is of course eye color which is found on the passport or the I.D. card. As you know colored contact lenses are very trendy among teenagers or adults and are an easy way to change eye color. Thanks to circle lenses and because they’re opaque, even if the wearer has dark brown eyes, he will be able to turn them into green, blue, yellow, pink, violet, orange or any other color.


If you wear cosmetic contact lenses and you have to face a fastidious airport officer, you risk to expose yourself to a more stringent check in the airport officer’s office. They can ask you to remove your circle lenses to see the real color of your eyes. These additional checks can make you miss your plane and lose money. So before a flight, especially in the US, we strongly recommend that you do not wear cosmetic contact lenses to avoid any bad surprise.


But even if you can pass the airport security check, you must know that wearing circle lenses in a plane needs some special precautions. You can feel irritations or itchiness that is caused by the air conditioner system of the plane. So it is necessary to always with you a little vial of multi-function solution to lubricate, clean and moisturize your circle lenses. It is also important to have a spare pair of circle lenses if you really need them to see clearly.


In summary, you can avoid all these problems by not wearing contact lenses, corrective or not. If anyway you really want to keep your cosmetic circle lenses, for example if you need them to correct your eyesight, remember to remove them before the airport security check. If you wear transparent regular contact lenses there is no problem passing true the security check, but remember to moisturize them as often as you can once in the plane.


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