Wearing Contact Lenses During Summer Heat

Wearing Contact Lenses During Summer Heat


Do you wear soft contact lenses during the summer at the beach or in town during hot days and blazing sun ?

You maybe stay in a hot place and you are wondering if your eyes are safe with your contact lenses on ?

Good news, scientists agree to say that wearing contact lenses during great heat is not a risk, but you have to stay aware to any abnormal sign.


If your contact lenses are dehydrated you must feel something like, prickling or irritation, you can fix this easily with eye drops or remove your contact lenses and soak them into a multi-purpose solution to lubricate and moisturize them.


On the other hand you should take care properly your contact lenses. In particular if you use soft contact lenses which are full of water. After having removed your contact lenses don’t expose them to the heat or in the sun like for example in your car during a hot sunny day. In this case, heat can evaporate the water contained in the soft lenses and make them defective or even dangerous for your eyes. When you are using a hair dryer you should be careful that the hot air is not going directly on your contact lenses while wearing them. Prefer to set cool air on your air dryer.


During the hottest summer days, we tend to turn on fans or air conditioner for too long and too cold at home or office to feel better. This habit is the best way to facilitate dry eye problems. It is strongly recommended not to get the fan air directly on your face if you have to use one of these devices.




If you want to go to in a sauna or hammam, at first you have to remove your contact lenses to avoid bacteria to spread on your contact lenses. Air mugginess and heat are the best conditions to facilitate bacteria development.


You should know that even if some contact lenses have a special anti-UV coating, it won’t be a 100% protection especially if you are in the mountains or at the beach. You must wear sunglasses in this case but you can keep your contact lenses on.


The heat is never a problem if you decide to wear contact lenses during hot days, excepted in rare cases. You know that if you feel any discomfort you should remove and clean your contact lenses quickly.