What Are The Best Colored Lenses

What Are the Best Colored Lenses ?

Contact lenses are often a substitute for glasses to correct vision problems. You should know that today they can also be fashion accessories. People with a perfect eyesight can use them because there is also a range of colourful corrective lenses. Costume lenses are an eccentric and an unconventional way to bring originality in many occasions such as celebrations, parties, to disguise or just to change look on a special occasion.

Four types of costume lenses are actually available:
– Light effect colour lenses: They look great on people with light eyes color.
– Natural effect colour lenses: They slightly change the eye color.
– Intense effect colour lenses: They allow you to completely change your eyes color.
– Fancy fun effect colour lenses: They completely change your eyes for the look of cats, vampires, or many other style. They are ideal for costume parties or for uncommon acting for movies or theater.

Purple colour lenses that give a glamorous effect are completely “IN” at the moment.

Costume lenses have been a real hit in USA for few years now and it s not uncommon to see them in nightclub. Many different models are available as the demand is constantly growing for example large ring lenses are the most fashionable at the moment since Lady Gaga’s video clip and many other celebrities wear them regularly.

You can find costume lenses in beauty shops, shopping centers, and on the Internet. The “Geo Crazy Lens” catalogue offers a large choice and a wide range of prices are on offer and give accessibility to the greatest products. In all cases it is cheaper and easier to order on the Internet, it is around $20. An optician could give you some individual advices as for the size or maybe the most appropriate brand of lenses for a specific price.

An optician could also give you some very valuable advices about the most suitable solutions cleaning products to use. Note that Korean soft lenses would be easier to wear as originally manufactured for Asian people who have some more sensitives eyes.

A special care must be taken to use colour lenses including respect of the expiration advised by the instructions that come with your lens box. Colour lenses cover the iris and prevent the eye from being oxygenated as it should, so excessive use of fancy lenses could create vision troubles. Never sleep with your costume lenses and never wear them more than 10 hours then everything will be fine.

What are the best colored lenses ?