What Colour Lenses Are Best According To Your Style

What Colour Lenses Are Best According To Your Style ?

What Colour Lenses Are Best According To Your Style


Contact lenses are being used, incrementally, as substitutes for spectacles as an optical aid as well as being fashion statements. They are worn by people with imperfect vision as well as those with good eyesight as fashionable add-ons to their resume on trends. Costume lenses are eccentric lenses used to spice up special occasions such as parties.

There are four main types of trendy lenses for four very different results. Firstly the light effect lenses that are worn by people with light eyes to intensify their colour. The natural lens colour effect slightly changes the colour of your eyes. The intense lens colour effect to completely change the colour of your eyes and finally Halloween lenses allow you to transform your eyes into those of a cat or a vampire and are ideal for costume parties and fancy dress occasions or as a cosplay accessory.

The circle lenses are currently quite popular since Lady Gaga used it in her arsenal of fashion-weapons and many celebrities have since followed. According to the current trend, sky blue lenses are considered glamorous. Cartoon costume lenses caught on in United states for some years and were a regular sight at night clubs and other such events. The numbers of models in this area are growing with the demand. In our Internet catalogue named “Geo Crazy Lens” you will find a wide range of selection of contact lenses. As for the concern of price, ordering on the Internet is actually easier and cheaper than visiting an optical shop but the same individual advice the optician provides isn’t available online on most shops.

It is best to consult an optician on the size of your eyes, their base curve, and choose an appropriate lens as fancy lenses can be found in beauty shops, department stores, among opticians and on the Internet. Korean soft lenses are more comfortable to wear as these items were manufactured for Asian people who have sensitive eyes. A pharmacist or optician should be consulted on the accompanying cleaning products as well.

Caution should be exercised when using lenses and always pay attention to the usage time advised by the instructions that came on the box of your eyes accessories. The lens covering the iris, prevents the eye from ”breathing” well or being oxygenated as it should so never sleep with your fancy lenses on as excessive use of fancy lenses can cause defects in the optical system.

In summary, the change of eye colour has never been easier with fancy lenses being easily acquired. The only worrying point is to protect the health of your eyes but you won’t have any problem if you respect the important rules.