What to Do If You Drop Contact Lens

How To Handle a Dropped Contact Lens

What To Do If You Drop Contact Lens

We believe that many contact lens wearers have the same problems when going out. Sometimes you are having a party with your friends or having a dinner with your lover and suddenly one or both of your lenses keep reminding you that they are in your eyes as if there was something wrong. Then you go to a public restroom to fix it.

You clean your hands with soap and take the lenses off to check it, but you accidentally drop one of your lenses on the sink or the floor, oh my god ! 

You find it but the lens is now dirty and you can’t put it back to your eyes. 

It is a real problem if you don’t have any contact lens solution or even saline solution to clean this lens. You need to figure out what to do after you have dropped your lenses. You might want to put it in your mouth or use your own saliva to clean them, but you know that it is a really bad idea. 

You could use water to rinse the lenses and remove the dirt but you know that it’s also bad as tap water contains microscopic bugs or amoeba even when you can’t see them. We are sure that you don’t want to take any risk with you eyes, so what to do when you drop the lenses?

Here is what to do to prevent this situation.

1. Bring contact lens solution

What To Do If You Drop Contact Lens

Of course if you drop a lens you need to clean it before you can wear it again. As we mentioned above that tap water or saliva are really bad ideas and also are harmful for your health, you can only use special contact lens solutions.

In this situation if you are desperate and don’t have any saline solution to clean your lenses, some eye professionals say that it would be alright to use boiled drinking water or distilled water mixed with 2 or 3 tablespoons of salt to clean them. In fact, using any type of water beside contact lens solution can be dangerous for your eyes and is not recommended.

This situation can happen any time and if you often suffer from dry eyes, carrying a multi-solution with you is what you must do. It is a smart and wise idea to stick with contact lens solution and bring travel size lens cleaning set when going out. 

2. Carry spare contact lenses

What To Do If You Drop Contact Lens

We recommend you to always have spare contact lenses with you when going out, so that you will always have a new clean pair of contact lenses if you lose a lens or just want to change for new lenses during the day for better vision or any other reason. To be prepared be sure to always have your back-up contact lenses along.

3. Overnight cleaning is the safest


When you drop a lens on a table or on the floor, the first thing to do is to check it carefully. You can use a multi-purpose cleaner to clean the lens in your hand and then make sure that it is not ripped or torn, otherwise replace it.

Most eye care professionals agree that cleaning and disinfecting contact lenses overnight is the best, especially if you have dropped the lens in a public place or dirty place like public restroom or toilet.

Accidents can always happen, so be prepared and you will be ready to deal with any situation.

We propose many travel cleaning kits with a little solution container to keep and clean your lenses any time you want. Ask our specialists if you need any help.