What to do when Parents do not Accept Color Lenses

What to do when Parents do not Accept Color Lenses ?


Wearing color lenses is 100% safe and comfortable if you respect the basic rules of hygiene as with any other plano or corrective contact lenses if you don’t keep them more than 10 hours. So, before persuading your parents that color lenses are not dangerous for you and your eyes, you should really know all the precaution to manipulate and care your color lenses.



When can children start wearing soft color contact lenses ?

According to a recent study, the majority of ophthalmologists (66%) consider that soft contact lenses can be wore from the age of 10 years old, while one ophthalmologist on four (27%) think that the best age to start wearing contact lenses is around 13 years old, the 7% left believe that even a child younger than 10 years old can wear soft contact lenses.


The reluctance of few ophthalmologists doesn’t come from the fact of wearing contact lenses itself, but from the fact that contact lenses need special care, something that not all children are able to do.


Concerning the basic rules of hygiene for color lenses, they are the same for every contact lenses, even if they are corrective or only for cosmetic purpose. You should always clean your hands with soap and dry them with a fabric towel before taking your color lenses between your fingers. After every use your contact lenses need to be disinfected, to do this you need to soak your contact lenses in a multi-function lens care solution. This solution will moisturize and disinfect your color lenses, when the lenses are soaking , they need to be in a special lens case which can be closed. Another precaution is to always check the expiration date written on the vial label of your lenses, apply the same precaution to your lens care solution. Your lens case has to be cleaned daily and be replaced every 3 month for safety, bacteria love to spread in lens case this is why you have to be very careful.


Once you’ll get all these rules perfectly you’ll be able to persuade your dear parents easily and show them that you know well the process of care and the rules of hygiene. Explain them that you are grown up enough to take care of your soft color lenses.


Many people have wrong opinion about color lenses, this is because they believe ”clichés” or false rumors. You have to argue with your parents explaining your motivations and why did you decide to wear soft color lenses. Explain them how color lenses can be an asset for you, beyond the aesthetic point, tell your parents that color lenses can make you more self-confident because in the mirror you will see somebody new, different and awesome.


The choice of a store where to buy your color lenses is also a serious business, it is really important to know that your color lenses are not fake and are not made with low quality material. Today on our website Solution-Lens.com we provide the best quality color lenses made by Korean trusted brands leader on the market. All our color lenses meet international standards as CE (European), FDA (American), ISO (international), so do not hesitate to google us and make your own opinion thanks to the bloggers and other color lenses addicts.


The last argument is for those who have chosen to wear color lenses with correction. Soft color lenses are more convenient and comfortable to wear than regular glasses. First, it is more difficult to lose your color lenses when they’re on, once you wear them no need to think about them anymore. Even if you damage one of your color lenses it will cost almost nothing to replace it compared to glasses. In opposite to glasses you can wear your contact lenses during any weather condition, it can rain, snow, be hot or cold, you’ll never get fog or finger prints on your color lenses. The good points is that you can practice normal sport as tennis, basketball, ping-pong, running, or any other activity safety and your field of vision will be larger than if you wear your usual glasses.


If with all these arguments your parents still refuse to let you wear contact lenses, find a way to book an appointment with an ophthalmologist, the doctor will find the right words to make your parents stop worrying and let you wear your color lenses for good.