What to Know to Buy Contact Lens Online

What to Know to Buy Contact Lens Online


If you want to know what is the most important to know when buying contact lenses online and just want try to wear lenses without taking any risk here is the definitive clear and short explanation that you have been looking for.

If there was only one thing to know before buying contact lenses online it would be:


 The lens base curve that your need for your eyes

The only way to know what is the lens base curve that you need is to visit a doctor at least one time before buying contact lenses, but then, as your eyes base curve will not change, you can buy lenses as long as you want without having to visit a doctor again (but a yearly visit is a good decision).

If you try to wear contact lenses with the wrong base curve for your eyes and feel uncomfortable this is normal as it is the most common reason for discomfort among lens wearers.

You have to know that if the diameter of the lens and the base curve are incorrect in size and do not match the requirements for your eyes, whether it’s too large or too small, it can be very uncomfortable, just as if you were wearing wrong size of clothes but with more dangerous consequence.

Wearing the wrong size of clothes is in most of the case not dangerous because too tight or too large clothes cannot damage your body or have any worst consequence than just discomfort, but when the contact lenses that you wear do not have the correct “size” (base curve) for your eyes, they could really damage your them.

If you want to know how could contact lenses with wrong base curve damage your eyes read this first.

If you wear the perfect lenses for your eyes, the lens should cover the entire cornea and it should be able to move slightly with each blink: this is the right way to wear contact lenses without taking any risk and if any contact lens cannot move easily it means that it is not adapted to your eyes.

Troubles happen when the lens is moving too much, almost sliding, because you will experience dryness, irritation, itchiness, and more discomfort, so take it off immediately and visit your optometrist who will determine what is the lens base curve needed for your eyes.

Another situation that can have bad consequences on your eyes is when the lens is moving too little because your eyes can become irritated and red with blurry vision: if the lens stays too close to your eye ball the surface will become too dry and you won’t be able to hydrate it.

So you can now understand why the most important point to check when you plan to buy cosmetic contact lenses as well as corrective contact lenses is the base curve of these lenses, and if there was only one thing to remember it is this one.

Also, never buy contact lenses brands that you do not know or that are not famous, and try to only buy lenses that have a control sticker to check on Internet that they are genuine and not fake lenses.

If you have any other question about online contact lens shopping please contact us on our Circle Lens Faq.