Which Color Lenses are the Most Beautiful

Which Color Lenses are the Most Beautiful ?

Which color lenses are the most beautiful ? It is not easy to answer this question because beauty is something hard to define and something abstract, everyone has his own beauty criteria and as we often say “there’s no accounting for taste”.

However when we ask to American people, we notice that blue eyes are favorite, this color is synonym of escape and holidays, it’s the color of the sky and the sea at the same time, so it is normal that the blue color makes people dream.

Click on this link if you want to see all the different blue lenses and designs available on Solution-Lens.com. You’ll find blended colors as gray-blue, green-blue, brown-blue from light to dark with variants among shapes and aesthetic. Some color lenses imitate diamonds and are able to give reflects and sparkles, perfect to bring depth into your eyes, other lenses look like the sun rays which will illuminate people crossing your look. You might prefer circle lenses which are larger than your iris and make your eyes bigger to show to the world how your blue eyes are wonderful. You can choose circle or color lenses with natural effect that can modify subtly your look and the color of your eyes, but if you want you can get the opposite effect because it’s trendy to show everybody that you wear circle lenses. If you want the big eye effect you can order the biggest size lenses (15mm diameter) with supernatural blue like, electric blue, turquoise, violet-blue, indigo, deep sky blue, or maya blue for example.

The second color that women and men like the most is green which is not found as often as blue eyes in natural eye colors. Green color is ideal to highlight your look and be different. Our web store “Solution-Lens.com” meets your needs with a huge range of green color lenses as, emerald green, apple green, avocado, lime green, jungle green, lime, chartreuse… All these green lenses are related to awesome designs. Visit Solution-Lens store to check the best contct lens catalogue and order green circle lenses.

The color on the third step of the podium is hazel color which is a shade of brown. This color brings a lot of intensity, charm and depth in a look. Hazel color is perfect for Asian or African style and perfectly matches black or brown hair and white, black or tanned skin. Hazel circle lenses bring a light in the look, a warm feeling but above everything they will charm everyone who dares to look at you in the eyes. Please have a look at our hazel color and designs on Solution-Lens.com and enjoy your new eye color soon.