Which Contact Lens Solution Care to Use

Which Contact Lens Solution Care to Use ?


Choosing your circle lens brand and model is as important as the choice that you make for your solution care because the solution allows to sterilize and clean your circle lenses from bacteria and other foreign bodies.


If you want to know which solution care is the best for you, you have to check at first if your solution is made to use with soft contact lens, hard contact lens or both of them. Soft and hard contact lenses are made of different material, this is why they don’t have the same needs. You can choose to wear daily disposable contact lenses which don’t need any care.


In general, you should always read and respect the basic rules of hygiene explained on the manual delivered with your contact lenses or check on Solution-Lens.com. You should also be aware that different kind of solution care do exist.


– The saline solution contained in the contact lens vial is for moisturizing, rinsing and storing contact lenses. It is possible to buy this solution separately if you wish. Saline solution is perfect to be used as an eye drop.


– Rinsing and disinfecting solution can sterilize contact lenses which mean that this kind of solution can kill any germ or bacteria. It will avoid eye infections.


– Hydrogen Peroxide based solution is good to eradicate protein, any sign of bacteria and rinse your contact lenses, but with this base solution it is necessary to clean your contact lens right after with saline solution. This solution use is quite technical and not recommended for daily use. In case you forget to finish the cleaning with saline solution you can irritate your cornea.


– Multi-purpose solution is the most convenient to use, it is also a good and efficient product. This solution is often prescribed by eyes doctors like ophthalmologist. Their main advantage is to do everything, rinsing, cleansing, moisturizing and disinfecting.


So prefer a multi-function solution because its price is quite similar with the other solutions prices. There are two categories, one with preservative which can be uses for two months after opening. the other kind is a solution without preservative which is recommended for people allergic to preservative.

How to use your multi-purpose contact lens solution ?


Everyday and after each use, you have at first to wash your hands with a good soap, if possible the most natural as you can, then dry your hands with a fabric towel

Put you contact lens in the palm of your hand and pour generously multi-purpose solution to get it wet, gently rub the contact lens to remove protein, bacteria and dust or other small particle.

Then stock the contact lenses in a clean lens case and let them soak in fresh multi-purpose solution.


Wearing contact lens is not dangerous, when they come from factory they are 100% sterile in their vial. The only danger comes from yourself if you don’t respect the basic rules of hygiene.

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