Who Created Circle Lenses, Origin and History

Who Created Circle Lenses

Origin and History


The concept of having contact lenses placed on the eye came to Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mind in 1508. In 1827 thanks to John Herschel, a brilliant inventor and mathematician this concept almost became reality. He had imagined a way to create a mold of cornea for people having vision issues and produce corrective contact lenses perfectly adapted to the patient’s eye shape. It’s only 50 years after that science and technology were able to create a real contact lens. In 1880 the German ophthalmologist and physiologist Adolph Eugene Fick elaborated the ancestor of our modern contact lenses. His contact lenses looked like a glass shell covering the iris, the pupil and the white part of the eye (sclera). They were very difficult to wear because too heavy, they were also dangerous because the glass could break and harm people’s eye, consequences could be a real disaster.


In 1940 the American optometrist William Feinbloom invented contact lenses which combined glass in the center and plastic on the circumference. These first contact lenses were easier to wear.


In 1961, a Czechoslovak chemist invented the first real soft circle lenses, they were also able to absorb water because they were made of Hydroxyethylmethacrylate or HEMA. The problem with this material is that it was airtight. The eye and the cornea needing oxygen the wearer couldn’t keep his contact lenses on for too long.


To fix this problem new polymer material was invented with new generation of contact lenses even more flexible, light comfortable and safe.

This new contact lens generation allows to the wearer to keep his lens on his eyes for 12 hours. Numerous contact lenses were invented as toric contact lenses, bifocal contact lenses, reliable colored lenses, UV filter contact lenses or more recently colored circle lenses also called decorative contact lenses, cosmetic contact lenses, cosplay contact lenses.

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We are today on the verge of a new contact lenses generation called “bionic” able to give us many services: night vision, telescopic zoom, panoramic. New generation contact lenses are also “smart” and can scan your environment to display data to the wearer.


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