Why Order Circle Lenses on

Why Order Circle Lenses on our Store ?

SOLUTION-LENS.COM CONTACT LENSES WEB STORE is an online store specialized in cosmetic color lenses, we propose unbeatable very low prices for the highest quality products.


Indeed we mind health and satisfaction of our customers, this is why we try hard to propose only trusted brands known to be the only safe brands on the market as Geo Medical, Dueba or Vassen that meet the strict international standards (CE (European), FDA (USA) and ISO (international)). It is the same for our lens care solutions for soft contact lenses offering the best formulas to meet your needs. Very efficient and useful these solutions fight against infectious germs.


Today color lenses are trendy products all around the world, and can be worn everyday the same way as fashion accessories or makeup, convenient to go everywhere as school, university or work.


Some designs of circle lenses are perfect for daily life because they are made to be discreet and look natural. People who have never met you and do not know you won’t notice that you wear color lenses if you choose to wear natural colors as blue, gray, turquoise, hazel or green.


You can also decide to wear color lenses to get the opposite effect and be seen when you hangout downtown or just to get the attention of a guy on whom you have a crush. We propose very unconventional designs which suit in art communities or for a special event as a party, music festival, concert, cosplay convention, fashion defile and more. You have to adapt the model of color lens that you choose to your needs, your tastes or your desires , it is exactly the same thing as choosing your makeup.


You have so much to choose from because we propose more than 1000 series of color lenses and you will definitely face a challenge to choose the pair of circle lenses that you love. Our collection is increasing day after day because we want to offer you the best items that you dreamed about to enhance your look, make it more expressive and transform this look to let you be the sexiest person.


You can wear circle lenses to astonish your boyfriend or your husband, be more sexy and more desirable to his eyes. You might be single or just want to change the color of your eyes to look different with others people, or maybe all you want is just be noticed by those close to you and make people talk about you. Wearing circle lenses is a good way to be more popular everywhere you go.


You could feel like changing the color of your eyes because you think they are too normal, banal, common or sad. In that case choose to wear flashy colors as fluorescent green, blue or follow the trend of the moment and choose purple and pink. The main reason why circle lenses were succesful in Asia at the beginning is because these awesome lenses are able to change the size of the eye by illusion. In fact the diameter of the design printed on a circle lens is larger than the average human iris size. Asian people always seem to have smaller eye but with these circle lenses they can make their eyes look bigger. Manga or Japanese anime characters have huge eyes and are very popular in Asia mostly in Japan of course, but also in Korea and others countries as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and China.


The most beautiful Korean circle lenses are called “big eyes” or “dolly eyes” and they are available for your eyes and for any eyesight issue, just check our store.