American Color Contact Lens or Circle Lenses or Big Eyes Lens

What is the difference between American colored contacts lenses, circle lenses and big eyes lenses ?



“Color contact lens” is the classic name for contact lenses that change your eye color. Some circle lenses can also correct your eyesight but this eye accessory is mostly selected for its colors and beautiful designs. Circle lenses also called big eyes color lenses are Korean lenses that are made to enlarge your eyes to create a dolly look.

All these contact lenses are for cosmetic purpose to look more beautiful but as they are available in a variety of colors and designs they sometimes have different names.

Colored contacts have a colored circle without black ring around the outer edge of the iris that is the same size as the natural iris to change the color of your eyes.

Circle lenses and big eyes lenses have a large circle around the iris with a noticeable black ring to make your eyes appear larger than normal and to achieve a cute doll eye look.

Choosing between classic color lenses and circle lenses depends on your taste and what result you expect. If you want to have a natural look only wear small size color lenses without dark ring but if you want to have a manga, cosplay or dolly look you should wear big size lenses with a thick ring on the edge.

Korean colored lenses are available in more designs and colors than classic colored contact lenses.