CUSTOMERS REVIEW: Blue Color Lens Review Vassen Blythe Blue

Blue Color Lens Review Vassen Blythe Blue



Contact Lens Review Vassen Blythe Blue

Hey guys!

Months ago, maybe in May, I received my first pair of circle lenses from Exactly, these lenses were Vassen Blythe Blue lenses. I was a little bit terrified at first, because, as I mentioned, I have never had any lenses in my eyes… But I was excited about that. So, here are the photos and the infos about my brand new lenses!

Contact Lens Review Vassen Blythe Blue 

I was absolutely satisfied with the packaging, I immediately fell in love with the cute stickers on the envelope! :)
The packaging was perfect, I got it in an impeccable condition. The shipping was faster than I expected: I got the pack two weeks after contacting the customer service!
Also, the customer service is friendly and helpful, they replied almost immediately. They answer your questions within one or two hours! I think i’ts an unbelieveable rapidity.
The website is quite easy to browse: you can find the lenses that you want by color, size, name etc… This webshop is one of the best-detailed lens shops on the net!
And that is also important, they only sell FDA Approved, EU Approved lenses. So you can be sure, these lenses are the best choice for your eyes. They are completely reliable. Furthermore these are Cruelty-free lenses, that is also important. On the website you can check that your lenses are completely original: it is called GEO Anti-Fake Check.

Contact Lens Review Vassen Blythe Blue

Unpacking has started…

This bubble-wrap covered the stuff, so everything was safe and sound when I got them.

 Contact Lens Review Vassen Blythe Blue

The stuff I got included of course the lenses (Vassen Blythe Blue), and some very nice and loveable presents: 1.) A cute pink lens case 2.) A pair of Hello Kitty earrings 3.) A nice mouse designed pen, that has two different colours to write with (blue and black). You need to pull down one of the ears and you can write with the pen! :3 So nicely designed! I use this pen at school, and the others were amazed by it, they fell in love with this cute little mouse-pen! :) 4.) And finally, a little box, where almost all of these things took place when I got them.

In my opinion, it’s a very gentle gesture from, sending gifts to the customer. I liked all of the things, I am completely satisfied with the stuff I got. So cute!

Contact Lens Review Vassen Blythe BlueContact Lens Review Vassen Blythe Blue 

The lens in vials.

In the bottles you can find saline water, not lens solution! So you need to place the lenses in the lens case, in lens solution.

Contact Lens Review Vassen Blythe Blue

The lenses in the lens solution, in case. (Looking downwards.)

The lens case is so practical, you can see the letters: R and L to distinguish the sides. It is essential to always put the right lenses in the right side of the case.

Contact Lens Review Vassen Blythe Blue

These are the lenses in my eyes. :3

I think, it’s quite comfortable to wear them, it’s the same feeling as not wearing any lenses. It was a little bit difficult and frustrating to put them in for the first time, it took me a long time… at about 1 hour.. huhh.. :D But I was satisfied when I got ready.

Contact Lens Review Vassen Blythe Blue Contact Lens Review Vassen Blythe Blue

First row: no makeup, with lenses
2nd row: makeup with lenses
3rd row: makeup, no lenses

So, when I ordered the lenses, I was on two minds about them: I was a little bit scared, because I have never put anything in my eyes, what if the lenses are too big, what if I look like an alien with them, but I was on the other side excited too, I have always wanted to know that how would I look like with blue eyes.
My expectations were not too high: I just wanted to get a bit of a dolly effect, and a blue shade for my eyes. Comfort is also an important side of wearing lenses.

Contact Lens Review Vassen Blythe Blue 

My experiences are better than I expected: these lenses have the perfect size: enough to get the dolly-effect, but they are not too big so I don’t feel that I look like an alien.
The coloured part of the lens covers my natural eye-colour perfectly, I can see a little bit of the green in the middle, around my pupil (where it is actually browny), but it is essential to have there free part, because otherwise the lenses would disturb your sight.
I think that these lenses are so comfortable: I can not feel them at all in my eyes, i’ts almost the same as not having anything in my eyes. When the lenses are inside of my eyes, I always feel them fresh.
The colour is the best: the perfect blue shade, that makes my eyes shining like diamons!

Some infos about the lenses:

Contact Lens Review Vassen Blythe Blue
Diameter 15.0 mm
Water content 55%
Base curve 8.6
1 year disposable (recommended use for 4-6 months)
Packaged in sterile buffered saline
FDA and EU approved contact lenses
Ophthalmologists and optical shops certified
Buy without prescription
Perfect for both dark and light colored eyes
Despite on the webshop you can read that the diameter is 15.0 mm, on the vial 14.5 mm is mentioned. I don’t know, which is the real size, but I find them correct, it gives my eyes a really dolly effect! I love it!

Contact Lens Review Vassen Blythe Blue 

Without makeup&lens.
With makeup&lens.

What is the natural color of your eyes and style ?
My natural eyecolor is green, sometimes it seems like blue, or grey. In the middle it has a browny shade. Chameleon eyes, hahaha!

What are you favorite contact lenses colors and brands ?
Vassen Blythe Blue lenses are my first lenses, so actually my favourite lenses brand is Vassen. I like blue, purple and pink lenses, so I hope that I would have a chance to try out some lenses in these colours!

Do you often wear color lenses (which brands) ?
It was my the firs time of wearing lenses, but not the last! So I don’t wear circle lenses so often.

Where did you find our store (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, blogs, friends…) ?
I found on Tumblr, where I read a lens review exactly.

What contact lenses do you like on our store (add photos and links) ?

Dueba Crystal Violet

Contact Lens Review Vassen Blythe Blue

Geolica Lady Aqua Dark Blue

Is our website easy to visit / browse ?

I especially like this website, because I can browse so easily by name, size, colour or style!

Is our customer service good / quick ?

The customer service replied my message almost immediately, (it took maximum 1 day), and they were so helpful. They answer the questions clearly.

 What do you think about lens color ?

I love this blue color, it makes my eyes look like diamonds! It covers my original eyecolor perfectly.

 Geolica Lady Aqua Dark Blue

What do you think about lens comfort ?
I find these lenses are so comfortable, I don’t feel them in my eyes at all. It wasn’t a child’s play to put them in for the first time, some practice is needed, and it will be easier. I always feel my eyes fresh when I wear the lenses.

What do you think about lens enlargement ?
The enlargement of the lenses is impeccable, not too big and not too small, it gives my eyes the needed dolly-effect. It makes my eyes look much much bigger. Perfect!

What is your overall opinion about the lenses ?
Everything is right, I find the color, the enlargement, the lens comfort and everything else impeccable. I am sure about that I will try out some lenses in other colours and stlyes.

What is your overall opinion about our store ? What should we improve ?
I think the store is perfect. I love the design of the website, and I can browse so easily the pages. The customer service works the best they can, they are so helpful, rapid and nice. Your store is also reliable, anybody can be sure that your store offers the best lenses with impeccable styles, colours, sizes and comforts, and furthermore these lenses are absolutely safe for your eyes. I don’t think that any improvement would be needed.

 Contact Lens Review Vassen Blythe BlueContact Lens Review Vassen Blythe Blue

Here are two photos of me, wearing the lenses. :3

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Thanks for reading my review, I hope that you like it!