Can I Use Soft Contact Lens After It Has Dried

Can I use my soft contact lens after it has dried ?



This is an interesting question but first of all you have to understand how soft circle lenses are made. Color lenses are made of plastic but not the plastic or PVC that we see everyday as our plastic bottles or other items that we use daily. Korean circle lenses are made from a special plastic called hydrogel, this material is soft and transparent but its major quality is being hydrophilic. Hydrophilic sounds like a barbarian word but our hydrophilic hydrogel material is actually very smart because it can absorb and retain water. Without water a soft contact lens would become hard and impossible to wear anymore. This is why your circle lenses are always soaking into lens care solution when you buy them.


Because hydrogel absorbs water it will make no difference to absorb a filthy water containing bacterias. This is the main reason why color lenses have to be manipulated carefully and the basic rules of hygiene have to be respected properly.


Your eyes cannot be changed, so don’t play with the care of your circle lenses. You have to know that a rare bacteria can cause total blindness, in that case the only solution to recover the vision will be an eye transplant.


If one day you find your lenses dried and think that you can re-moisturize them by soaking your eyes accessories into lens care solution, this is a really bad idea. Your circle lenses might look soft as before after soaking, but the problem is that maybe they contain bacterias now. Dry contact lenses can suffer when contraction occurs from dryness or dilatation occurs from moisturizing.


Another important thing to know is that your contact lenses can expire. You can keep you circle lenses from 3 to 5 years in their sealed vial or blister pack before opening them. But once the vial/blister pack is open then you can keep your contact lenses 1 year only. If you start to wear your lenses even 1 time their lifetime will be no longer than 1 year as soon as you have tried them.

The lifetime of your circle lenses is shorter after they are worn because your eyes create a protein in which bacteria could develop even with a special lens care solution.


Because your eyes are worth more than anything you should take care of them, so the answer to our question is “NO” you cannot use your contact lenses after they have dried, even if you soak them for a while in lens care solution.

The best thing to do in that case is to buy a new pair of lenses at The web store provides best quality genuine contact lenses from trusted brands like Geo Medical, Vassen, Dreamcon and Dueba. Circle lenses on cost less than $20 per pair, so why would you risk to loose an eye for such little money?