Color Contact Lenses or Photoshop Graphic Work

Color Contact Lenses or Photoshop Graphic Work



There is no fashion and beauty magazine or advertising without photos modified with Photoshop. This software offer incredible possibilities to enhance people appearance and make them look perfect. Nothing is easier than erase pimple, scar, dark rings under the eyes, cellulite, stretch marks, increase breast size, erase a belly, modify bottom shape, give shine to hair or change eye color.

But to change one’s eye color, wouldn’t it be better to use color contact lenses instead of using Photoshop ?

The huge advantage of color contact lenses is their low cost. You can buy color lenses on oline shops as for less than $20 a pair and get 1 more free pair if you order at least 2 pairs. Compared to Photoshop price contact lenses are a very small investment and you don’t need to learn how to use a complicated boring software. Photoshop price is between 300 and 900 dollars depending on the version you buy, so imagine how many color lenses pairs you can get for the price of one Photoshop software.

Another positive point for color contact lenses is the handling. Color lenses are handy and easy to use with a little practice, you’ll need just few minutes to perfectly handle the important gestures, to put your color lenses on and take them off everyday. In comparison using a photo editing software as Photoshop is much more complicated for novices even if you use online tutorials. You will need time to learn the basic notions to use this software and you will also have to practise several hours everyday.

Let’s finish with another very solid argument: color contact lenses are very convenient and handy to wear. Because color lenses are so affordable you can own few pairs and carry with you one or two pairs of different colors in your purse. You can change the color of your eyes depending on the situation or your mood anytime. You will always be ready to be beautiful for selfies or photos with your friends, the lenses will highlight the natural beauty of your eyes to improve your look. You can choose to make your eyes look bigger thanks to circle lenses and get an handsome guy for one night or for ever.

With circle lenses or color lenses the big advantage on Photoshop is that your iris color is modified in real life, not only on a photo.

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