CUSTOMERS REVIEW: Contact Lens Review Mimi ColorNine Aqua Blue

Contact Lens Review Mimi ColorNine Aqua Blue



Hello, everyone! Since not a lot of people have heard of the fantastic color lens store that is solution-lens – I decided to do a review of my recent order from them.

The lenses are called Mimi Colornine Aqua Blue and they cost $19.90 at (FREE SHIPPING!) I placed my order for these (and 1 other pair) on May 24th, and they arrived approximately a week later!

Let’s get right to it! 


Contact Lens Review Mimi ColorNine Aqua Blue

Contact Lens Review Mimi ColorNine Aqua Blue

Notice the cute stickers by the address label. I literally went “aww!” when I saw them. My sister at 3 years of age also seemed to like them a lot as well. 


Contact Lens Review Mimi ColorNine Aqua Blue

The lenses are really wrapped up in there!


Contact Lens Review Mimi ColorNine Aqua Blue

Contact Lens Review Mimi ColorNine Aqua Blue

After three layers of bubblewrap. The basket they come in is so cute! 


Contact Lens Review Mimi ColorNine Aqua Blue

I also ordered a pair of yellow lenses for my Umi cosplay. Did I mention that solution-lens has a 3 for 2 offer? Buy 2 pairs of lenses, get 1 free! So I added a pair of green lenses as well. They are really well packed and protected with bubblewrap, as you can see. 


Contact Lens Review Mimi ColorNine Aqua Blue

Contact Lens Review Mimi ColorNine Aqua Blue

Contact Lens Review Mimi ColorNine Aqua Blue also included gifts. A pair of cute circle ear-jewelry and a pink push pen with two colors. I know this pen looks a little worn out! It’s because this one came with my previous order that I placed a year ago! :O They did include a pen in this order too, but my sister liked it a lot so I gave it to her. 

I should also mention that Solution-lens care for our safety and they did include a small guide in the package with information about the lenses, how to put them on and how to take them off. 


Contact Lens Review Mimi ColorNine Aqua Blue

Got them all out on the table. The lenscases felt solid and I love the vivid colors they came in! They seem safe for travel as well. 


Contact Lens Review Mimi ColorNine Aqua Blue

This is the cutest lens vial I have ever seen. I don’t know if I’ll be able to throw them away! 


Contact Lens Review Mimi ColorNine Aqua Blue

They look very nice in the vials. I was looking for a pair of aqua lenses that really stood out, and they seem perfect. I love the color they give off and I can’t wait to try them on.

Contact Lens Review Mimi ColorNine Aqua Blue

But! Safety first. I have left them for soaking in multi-purpose solution water, which is perfect timing because I have to charge my camera battery and grab some food anyways. I usually let them soak for 6-8 hours. Note that charging the camera battery and grab food won’t take me 8 hours, but I have plenty of distraction while waiting.

I waited until the next day…


Contact Lens Review Mimi ColorNine Aqua Blue

…for the application!


Contact Lens Review Mimi ColorNine Aqua Blue

Here’s the pictures in natural/daylight with no makeup whatsoever! I did not edit these pictures either, apart from putting it all together. I am very sorry for the bad pictures. This is my first time doing a review and I honestly have no idea how to take pictures like this!


Contact Lens Review Mimi ColorNine Aqua Blue

Another closeup! 


Contact Lens Review Mimi ColorNine Aqua Blue

And an additional regular selfie with the lenses to show the overall look. Excuse my fugly face. 

Time for the ratings!

Enlargement: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

I wasn’t looking for lenses with too much enlargement, as the characters I’m using these for don’t have very large, “cute” eyes. As expected of the 14.2 diameter, they give off a very nice enlargement effect! 

Comfort: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 

I’m giving these a four out of five comfort rating. It’s not because they are directly bothering me, but I can feel that I’m wearing them – unlike when I wear normal contact lenses or… my Geo Tri Color lenses, for instance. But they don’t leave any sort of irritation, so it’s all good!  

Color: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

They have a very vibrant color – just what I was looking for. They really stand out, and they’re actually a perfect aqua color. I was afraid they’d be too blue for my liking, but I was wrong. These lenses will be perfect for cosplaying characters with aqua/turquoise colored eyes: such as Shuu-chan (ME!ME!ME) and Sousuke (Free!)

Overall: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

They are perfect! I’m very glad I was able to find them, because I’m very picky when it comes to lenses and I was afraid I wouldn’t find aqua colored lenses that really stood out. But they really do stand out, the enlargement is perfect for male characters like Shuu-chan and Sousuke, and they are overall comfortable to wear as soon as you get used to them. 

To add to it all: So the overall reason to this review is that Solution-lens offers you a free pair of lenses if you write a long, descriptive review of your order. This is another thing I love about Solution-lens. Also, they have a giveaway going on in addition to all their offers. So click here to join their giveaway!

Here’s my answers to their feedback questions!

What is the natural color of your eyes and style ?

My eyes are very… blue/grey-ish, as seen in the pictures above! I’m not sure what is meant by style? My eyes are sort of droopy? Haha!

What are you favorite contact lenses colors and brands ?

I have owned a lot of color lenses up through the years, and the brand that I have owned the most of is definitely GEO. As for color: blue! 

Do you often wear color lenses (which brands) ?

I use color lenses very often, sometimes on a daily basis. The ones I use most often are called Geo Tri Color (Violet). Which is actually the type I chose to get for free when I ordered two pairs from you. I am happy that I finally own them in green. 

Where did you find our store (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, blogs, friends…) ?

I’ve been cosplaying for many years and a very important part to me, when cosplaying, is the lenses. So when I don’t find the right lenses in my usual lens stores, I start googling. This is how I found 

What contact lenses do you like on our store (add photos and links) ?



Is our website easy to visit / browse?

Yes! In my opinion, it is very easy to browse. 

Is our customer service good / quick?

I haven’t had any direct experience with the service since I haven’t asked any questions. But their service is quick, as they shipped my order quick after receiving it, and I had it just a week later.

What is your overall opinion about our store? What should we improve? 

I really love this store! They have a broad selection in lenses, and they got great offers such as buy 2, get 1 free. And not to mention FREE SHIPPING! The prices are usually affordable as well. I think this is the only store that does deals which saves you a lot of money when you’re going on a lens shopping-spree! 

The sad part (for me!) is that my sight has become worse over the years and I’m at -2.00 now. That is the only reason Solution-lens is not my #1 store, because I need lenses with correction. So if there’s anything they could improve, it would be adding correction option to the lenses. But I am guessing that would be a lot of work. So when wearing my lenses from to events, I’ll just have to find a way around to ignore my bad sight. I can live with that! 

If you really have come this far in my review, I am very grateful you took your time to read it, and I hope it was helpful for all of you! 

Have a lovely day! ♥