Contact Lens Review

Contact Lens Review Review


In search of a new Circle Lenses onlineshop with a large assortment, I found In first moment I was a little bit sceptical, because it was hardly to found good reviews about However I got this Circle lenses Shop a chance and finally I’m very happy with this service.
But let us examining this shop more.

Solution-lens. com is based in Belgium and have a branch in Thailand. The assortment is very large, every pair have the same price from $19,90, all the lenses for $29,90 is sold out or more it’s not to order in the moment but coming soon. Unfortunately sale only Power 0 and it’s complete in US$. But how cares? If you need powerless lenses and have no problem to calculate your currency, then is this shop a very good and cheap alternative to the popular Circle Lens shops.
The Page is very easy to handling, you can chose of the left side out brand, color or model.
The most of time have this shop special offers. As I ordered, I decided me for 3 for 2 special.

The handling to order the 3rd (and free pair) it’s not easy but overall of the page you can find the instruction and of course if you understand that you have to write your free circle lenses pair in the commentbox it’s not a problem to order it. For all the German speaking girls, I will write a German instruction in next time.
You can pay with paypal or creditcard.

Allright, back to my order. As previously mentioned I decided me for the “Buy 2 get 1 free” offer, ordered per advice and wait. 11 days later, I found in my P.O. box a letter from the customs. Stop, before you afraid! Do you remember I live(d) on Helgoland,do you? It’s normal that all bigsize envelopes and packet from abroad go to the customs. And yes it’s normal that we have not a mailbox. Back to my experience, it was the day as I leaved Helgoland, short time before I had has to go on board I was by the custom office. Therefore I can’t show you a picture from the envelope and bubble wrap (I saw never so a many of bubble wrap for 3 Circle Lenses pairs before!). The customs official was very friendly (under normal circumstances) and trashed my bubble wrap and envelope, before I canned intervened.
Additionally to my Circle Lenses it got a instruction and 2 free bins. I got Andi the instruction and a free bin to her green Dueba Magnum Caviar Lenses before I entered my ship.

My free bin with my new Vassen Gummi Series 2 Tone Gray
(Review coming soon)

In the end a recapitulation

User friendly side and service (have a own blog with make up tutorials and so on)
Large assortment
Special Offers
Fast shipping time from Bangkok
Fast replay on Facebook
Only powerless Circle Lenses
Very good packing (the bubble wrap!)
Authentic brand Circle Lenses

In future, I will only order on Then this shop have more choice and of course it’s cheaper as my favorite prior Circle Lens onlineshop.


A review to my both new circle lenses pairs coming soon.