Create a DIY Cheap Halloween Cowboy Costume

Create a DIY Cheap Halloween Cowboy Costume


If you want to save money doing your own costume instead of buying it in a store, you should start right now the cowboy hat part because it is the most difficult.

To make a cowboy hat there are two techniques.


The fastest technique is the easiest too. Design on a paperboard a hat that you will cut and fold following the photo above.


The other more realistic way to make a cowboy hat is to use a thick paperboard to do the base ring and make the top part with papier-mâché.

Start by making the top part roughly with paperboard and scotch tape.

Now you can start with your papier-mâché, but trim many long newspaper stripes first. Then you have to prepare the mix that we are going to use as glue, this mixture will be hard once it is dry. The recipe is simple and you just need to pour some white flour in a bowl, add water slowly and stir the mix at the same time (you can use a mixer to avoid any lumps).

You can decide now how your paste should look, for the first time you should make a paste not too liquid but not too thick, you will adjust your recipe when you really know what you need, the only way is practice.

Now that you get your paste all you need to do is to soak in your newspaper stripes and start to apply them on the rough top hart part that you prepared earlier. Try to give nice smooth shapes to the top and don’t forget to glue the ring part with your papier-mâché, wait until it is dry and paint it in brown or black.


To make the rest of the cowboy costume, try to find an old checked shirt, a vest on which you can eventually put a sherif star and a red bandana around your neck and under your collar. For the lower part, blue jeans will be perfect, with boots or leather shoes.


You can improve your Halloween costume with accessories like a plastic gun that you put in it’s olster or just in your belt. You can also have fun making a fake horse with cardboard and broom stick. Draw the horse head on a paper and put it on one stick extremity, now your horse is ready and you can ride it.


Because it is Halloween, why don’t you combine this cowboy costume with a zombie costume ? It will be very awesome ! To do this you just need to add some touch of blood on your face and wear a pair of white circle lenses CP-F1 from Geo Korean lens brand, the best quality circle lenses brand on the market.



You are now ready to freak people out with your DIY zombie cowboy costume, you can be sure that your Halloween party will be great !