CUSTOMERS REVIEW: Dark Brown Color Contact Lens Review Geo Magic Color BC-103 Choco

Dark Brown Color Contact Lens Review Geo Magic Color BC-103 Choco


(SPONSORED) Geo Magic Color Dark Choco
Hey guys, I’ve been sponsored by solution-lens to do a review for the Geo Magic Color Dark Choco ^^

This is my first sponsored review so i hope hope hope that I didn’t leave out anything. Hope you guys like it ^^

Geo Magic Color Dark Choco Brown


Diameter: 14.2 mm
Water content:  38-42%
Base curve: 8.60
1 year disposable (recommended use for 4-6 months)
Here’s what the packaging looks like, I received the package in about 2 weeks which is actually quite fast especially since it was shipped on the way from Thailand heheh. (Sorry for the horrible quality otl)

Look at those stickers so cute ugh i’m a sucker for cute things don’t blame me…

Okay so when I opened the package, it was neatly wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent the lens containers from breaking (do you know how much i love bubble wrap omfg ;A;) It also came with a cute little straw box to set your containers on, a plastic lens case, a cute mouse bear (whatever it is lol) pen that had the solution-lens logo on it and a pair of orange striped earrings.

Here are what the containers look like up close:

Okay so… (ahh sorry for the blurry images)

Comfort: ????

I barely noticed that they were on and they felt really comfortable especially for a person who never wore contact lenses before.. however they did took me forever to put on since I wasn’t used to putting anything in my eyes. Before i took photos today i had problems with putting on my left lens and it was irritating for a bit but after that everything was okay. ^^

Color: ?????

These lenses look so natural, I popped them in last night my dad came in to check on me and he didn’t even notice i had them on.. he even asked if I had them on or not hahah. The color doesn’t stand out that much and it blends perfectly with my natural eye color.

Enlargement: ???

These lenses enlarged my eyes by a lot.. more like enlarged my pupil. At first i thought i looked a bit scary but i got used to it quickly. I thought it looked a bit unnatural since my natural eye socket isn’t as wide but i guess they look okay?

Overall: ????

Really love these lenses, matched my natural all color perfectly and it isn’t that noticeable at all!

Here’s a selca.. i hope i don’t look like a fly to you guys ;u;


Solution-lens’s customer service was great and they reply back to messages quickly!

Go check out this store too okay? ^^