Dueba Hydrocor Crystal Green Real Life Color on Dark Eyes

Dueba Hydrocor Crystal Green Real Life Color on Dark Eyes


I just have received my order. I always order the same contact lenses Dueba Hydrocor Crystal Green since three years ago or even more time ago because I love it and I love your site and your deliver. But Oh my God! Have you changed the color of Dueba Hydrocor Crystal Green ? It hos not the dame green than my lenses! I attached a picture, on the left you can see the new one and on the right my loved one.
Please please please please I need the same contact lenses as always. I dont care the money, I just need them again. Please are there any way ro have the old green one? Please!!!

Thank you
(Please please please, I need them)

Dear customer,
Thank you for your message.
​We are sorry, but we haven’t received your pictures, and we do not have any customer who complained about these contact lenses.
Please reply to this message to send us clear photos of the products that you received before, and the new products that you have just received.
We will check all our stock and contact the factory in Korea to get more information.
Thank you again for your order​ and sorry for the inconvenience.​

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