Easily Create a Spiderman Halloween Costume

Easily Create a Spiderman Halloween Costume


Spiderman is a super hero who belongs to Marvel Comics world and thanks to him millions of children dream around the world.

Spiderman became a real phenomenon since the Hollywood’s blockbusters movies releases. You are guaranteed to please your child if you make for him a Spiderman costume.

Do it yourself, this Spiderman costume is a good way to save money for Halloween, a birthday party or just to play with friends. On this blog page we propose you different ways to skip the sewing part which can be difficult if you don’t have any skill for it. Do not worry the final result will be more than acceptable and you can bet that it will be fast too. Your offspring will be persuaded to be Spiderman himself.


Make a Spiderman costume

Use matching red or blue sweatsuit pants and jacket, the sweatsuit has to be close to the body. For the feet you can wear red socks but it’s better if you have rubber boots. Now it’s time to use your artist skills and try to draw on the sweatsuit chest a spider web with a black marker.

Repeat this operation on the sleeves and pants extremities.

Now you need is to get a black piece of lightweight felt, trim Spiderman logo inside and apply it in the center chest, you can choose to simply glue it or you can sew it too.

Instead of using a sweatsuit, you can use a black wetsuit, it will match the new Spiderman costume in the last movie. In this episode the spider web on the costume is white, so you can use a tiny white scotch tape or a white marker to do it. This time you need to get a white lightweight felt and trim Spiderman logo on it, you can also use a thin plastic sheet from a supermarket plastic bag do make it. Then you can glue the logo on the wetsuit chest.



Make a Spiderman Mask for the Head


You have different possible ways to make the mask for the head part of Spiderman costume. You can make a mask made of thin paperboard, make holes for the eyes and paint it with red poster paint, draw the web with a black marker. Don’t forget to make two little holes on both sides of the mask to attach a small rope that will help to hold the mask in position on the head. There is a trick to make the little holes for the rope stronger, you just have to stick scotch tape on them a make new holes through it.


The other easy alternative to make Spiderman mask is to use makeup. You can use the photos from this page to help you. You can use a special face make up pens and paint or use your mom usual makeup tools.

In the mean time if you don’t have red gloves to complete the costume don’t hesitate to paint your hands in red to match your Spiderman costume.


We wish to all our super heroes a happy Halloween !