Easy Cheap Halloween Costume Idea for your Next Party

 Easy Cheap Halloween Costume Idea for your Next Party

No matter you have only few hours left to turn into your favorite character for a party or a celebration like Mardi Gras or Halloween with a costume, makeup and maybe with cosplay colored contact lenses , we bring you here three solutions to create simple costumes, esay to make and cheap.

To do this you’ll just need to use your old clothes and accessories that you already have at home. The whole family can help you to make these ideas come true, and these costume won’t scare anybody because we are going to create three famous mass appeal animation characters: Fred Flintstone, SpongeBob SquarePants and Tweety. If you are a woman, a man or a child you can wear these costumes for Halloween.


The fist costume is very simple to make, it is Tweety costume from the famous cartoon “Sylvester and Tweety”.

Sylvester is the cat who’s trying by many ways to catch in vain the cute little yellow bird Tweety. To turn into this pretty clever bird, look at the following photo and wear a black legging with a yellow hooded sweater for the top, you can also use a yellow turtleneck sweater with a yellow woolly hat for your head. On the hood or your hat stick Tweety’s eye that you have made from paper or pieces of fabrics.



The other costume that we propose, needs a bit longer to be made. It is SpongeBob costume that every children knows because this cartoon is available on many TV channels and even 2 movies have been done with SpongeBob and his friends. Recently, the second movie released uses 3D animation to let SpongeBob have incredible adventures in the human world. To make this funny character who lives in the sea depth, you have to check the size of the wearer from belt to head and find a paper box big enough to cover chest and head. Let one part open at the bottom to get inside and don’t forget to make 2 holes for the arms. Now you just need to make the carton looks like SpongeBob, you can use paints or colored papers to create SpongeBob, with the help of a photo it is really easy. Once the sponge texture, the eyes, the tie and the pants are done you just need to find in your wardrobe old pants having the same color as the pants painted at the bottom of your carton for a real match. Almost forgot, to give a real 3D effect to this costume make SpongeBob nose with a long balloon or anything else.




Last idea now, a very simple costume from the carton “The Flintstones”, most precisely Mr Fred Flintstone costume. So you have to create a costume inspired from prehistoric time. To do this there are two solutions, you can wear a costume similar to the real clothes worn in prehistoric time, they were made from simple animal skins, or you can wear the funny Fred Flintstone costume. This costume has to look a bit like a leopard skin but simpler. The key is to find a light brown fabric as an old bed cover or sheet. With this fabric and the help of a sewing machine or someone able to use this machine, you’ll need to make two holes for the arms and one for the head, then of course let the bottom open to be able to dress on your costume. Now you’ll jsut need to find an old black close and cut geometric pieces big as your hand and stick or glue them on the brown fabric. The last step will be an old blue fabric cut in huge tie shape. Help yourself with the following photo for details.

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