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1,243 thoughts on “Customers Feedback – Review

  • Idil

    Hi! I’m Idil. I’ve been a customer of your website for 2 years and I wanted to reach out to you to thank you for your service. All the contact lenses I’ve bought from you have been extremely comfortable and I would love to promote you guys on my social media platforms if possible.

    I have a TikTok following of 35,000 and a lot of people constantly ask me where I get my contacts from which is what made me think I should try and get ahold of you guys for a sponsored video. I was wondering who could I speak to regarding this?

    I’d love to hear back from you,


  • Holographicbanana

    I really love this site. Options are a little bit limited compared to the other lens sites but prices are really good and I really like the gifts that they include. Lens quality are decent. It does not hurt the eyes and they are really comfortable. I buy lenses only on this site because of the good campaigns. Don’t waste your money on other sites

  • Magge

    Delivery was delayed because of the virus and less planes available, but I finally got my order from a virus free country and I am very happy with the products.

  • Lisa Boggan

    I would like to say I am sincerely sorry that I was so frustrated with shipping clearly this is a global shipping issue and not your fault I realize when you mailed the package you had no control over slow post. Please forgive my control freak nature. I want to say thank you my order arrived today and in perfect condition I love the little gifts and see the card you took with packaging. I recommend you to everyone and again thank you.
    I would have included photo of my package but my phone didn’t let me!
    Thanks friends I hope

  • SindyNgINC

    MY apologies in leaving THIS late review – I’m going to post THIS for you however as well on my blog ( for sure – so, first, thank YOU – to the customer service, the communication was quick in responding to my email and issues and my order was processed almost immediately and as they say – about the 3rd time being the charm – not only did I receive my purchase – with no issue, but almost immediately – I LOVE these lenses too much to simply give up ordering here – you’ve got me – as for the lenses and why I LOVE them keep following – I’ll keep reviewing – thank YOU again!!

  • SindyNgINC

    I’ve noticed no on on here (and am shocked) has shipping issues – lucky –

    as for me am trying this (meaning this site/ company) for a 3rd time – as the first 2 of my orders were lost/late – I liked the lenses I finally received – but wish me luck with this

    • Eva

      I am a returning customers, almost 10 years buying here and never had any issue. I live in USA, where do you live ?
      And why are you talking about shipping issues if you actually received your orders ? So you are buying again? Why would you order again if this shop was not good ?
      Sorry but your comment is difficult to understand.

  • Loane


    I received my order and everything is great! Thank you so much! The cases are cute and the free gift was a nice touch.



  • Adrienne

    I love love love the contacts I have received. They are so comfortable that I really don’t feel them. I was so nervous about wearing contacts all day because I never have before, but I don’t really notice them after a while. I got green contacts and the color shows up so well on my dark brown (black) eyes. The color does skew a bit more teal on my eyes, but they’re so beautiful.

  • Germana

    I ordered several pair of lenses. The boxes were so cute and the shipping was excellent. Lenses were soo good, with a very cool design and very comfortable! 5/5*

  • Natasha

    I ordered some contacts a while ago and they were so nice and comfortable! I also received some little gifts with it and though that was really cute! The customer service here is outstanding! I will definitely be ordering some more very soon!

  • Julena

    Beatuiful lenses and comfortable to wear. The service here is great and with a great selection of lenses. Good deals and great products could not ask for better!!!

  • Bárbara

    I made two orders and I am totally satisfied. Will soon make more purchases. Thank you! I’m loving!!!

  • Trisha Lares

    I have bought several pairs of contacts from you and am never disappointed. You are my go to when it comes to fun contacts. I am never disappointed with your products.

  • Haruka

    As I have already spend hundreds of dollars on you site, I am mostly very satisfied.

    The only thing that bugged me got cleared up and I still have a coupon for the trouble, which is all good.

    I can only recommend your site!

  • Galina

    Thank you for interest!
    I think I need smaller size, but this is my mistake. Secondly, I am one of people who strut with putting them in and , especially, out lol
    I really appreciate that you put everything together so neatly, the box is very cute.
    If you need a feedback, I will give it to you.
    Warm regards,

  • Jordan

    Hi Solution Lens Friends,

    Yes I have been happy with my prior purchases. I know it’s been a while I’ve been really busy and will buy again soon!



  • Misumi


    Yes I received mimi puffy blue lens and dueba fancy red devil from you and I loved them both! Thank you!

  • Kevin

    I received my contact lenses that i ordered back in february this year and i have to say that i liked them a lot, they are beautiful and comfortable when i put them on, so i wouldn’t hesitate to but another ones in the future

  • Frances

    I Love Shopping On Here. I Always Buy My Products Here Because They’re Really Affordable. I Usually By Bulk So I’m Satisfied

  • Caroline

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have already placed an order a long time ago and let me tell you how pleased I was.
    I will buy again and spread the word.


  • Kevin

    Yes I am really happy with solution lens! I have ordered lenses in the past and the service and lenses were amazing!

  • Jilian

    I have thoroughly enjoyed every product I received. I really liked the site and how easy it was to use, and I loved how comfortable and pretty the lenses I ordered are. I recommend this company to others often, and I hope to get more products soon!
    Thank you for your wonderful products and customer service!

  • Margareth

    Dear Solution-Lens,

    You guys are my favourite lens company ever! A fast, incredibly helpful team and the selection is amazing as well! I will 100% keep supporting this company and order my circle lenses ONLY from here!
    Thank you for everything!!

  • Yan

    Hi, Thank you! Nice lens! By the way, the recent free gift was not useful. Hopes to receive something better!

  • Bizantine

    I think that I tried most shops selling color lenses (online) in the world, and this one is the best for me, NEVER disappointed by products, delivery and customer service. Thank you for the great gifts also You can add more to my next order 🙂

  • Pierce

    Hey guys i wanted to say sorry because yesterday i just got a notification from my post office in my country that my package just arrived. I know i said i was going to dispute but i was worry cause i thought i was going to lose my money but now i would definitively do business with you in the near future… just as you said it might have taken two weeks to get here, i will send pictures of the lenses soon. You guys were very trustworthy since the beginning but sometimes i am very desperate once again my apologies and thank you for your service, i hope to hear from you soon

  • melissasayasen

    Hello! Today I received my order of 5 pairs and I am very satisfied, however I did not not get the 3 free pairs put in the comment box. Is it possible that I can still receive them? I was looking forward to it. Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Customer Service Post author

      Dear customer,

      Thank you for your message.

      ​To avoid customs delay and clearance fee for our customers, we split large orders to send 2 parcels.

      Your second parcel tracking number is RR243919122TH​ and you will receive it shortly.​

      Thank you again for your order.


  • Mathilda

    Dear seller,lenses were daughter liked it very much !will order from you again. And thank you for presents