First Color Lens Order, What you Must Know

First Color Lens Order, What you Must Know


First Color Lens Order, What you Must Know


You want to try color lenses but it’s your first time and you do not know exactly what you need to buy ? Here is the ultimate Korean color lens shopping guide.

First Color Lens Order, What you Must Know

Visit a doctor

First, we need to tell you that before buying any contact lens you should visit your doctor at least one time just to know if you can wear contact lenses. This is not an obligation as you can order contact lenses online without doctor prescription, but as you need to do it just one time it is better to talk with an eye specialist first. Of course most people do not check their eyes before buying color lenses, but this is the way it should be done, at least to know which contact lens base curve you need.


First Color Lens Order, What you Must Know

Contact lens base curve

The most important information to know when buying color lenses is which base curve you need. Your eyes base curve will determine which lenses you can wear. If like most people your base curve is 8.6 it means that you can buy contact lenses with a base curve of 8.6. If you wear contact lenses with a base curve not adapted to your eyes you will feel uncomfortable and won’t be able to wear your lenses 10 hours everyday as most people can wear. Of course many people buy contact lenses without knowing their base curve and they choose lenses with a base curve of 8.6 or 8.7 because most of the time these lenses are fine, but the safest way is to check your base curve first.

Knowing what is your base curve is the most important thing for anyone who want to wear color lenses, but now let’s see how to choose color contact lenses.

First Color Lens Order, What you Must Know


Different kinds of contact lenses

You might have heard about color lenses, korean lenses, circle lenses, big eyes lenses and many other terms. Actually all these lenses are color contact lenses and as soon as some contact lenses change your eye color they are color lenses.

Korean lenses, circle lenses and big eyes lenses actually are the same products and the main difference between these lenses and standard basic color lenses that you can buy at optical shops is that Korean lenses are more beautiful, more comfortable and cheaper.

Yes, the main difference between standard color lenses and Korean lenses is that Korean lenses are fashion accessories with new collections launched every 6 months just as designer collections. Collections are called series in the Korean lens world and thousands series already are available, the list growing permanently.

Most people choose Korean lenses because the choice is huge and these lenses are not only cheaper than optical shops lenses, they can also be worn during 1 full year unlike the more expensive products sold in malls and optical shops.

Korean lenses also are the best choice for someone wearing lenses for the first time because they are more comfortable to wear than basic lenses.

What you must choose

As we have explained, when buying Korean lenses you must select the base curve but also the diameter and the color of your beauty accessories.

A correct base curve is important to feel comfortable when wearing your lenses but the diameter only changes your look. The smallest Korean lenses have a 14mm diameter and the biggest have a diameter of 15mm. If you want to have a natural look you should buy 14mm lenses and if you want dolly eyes you should buy 15mm lenses. Contact lenses which diameter is between 14mm and 15mm are the safest on the market.

Then choose the color that you like and decide if you want your lenses to have a dark ring around or not. Color lenses with a limbal ring will enlarge your eyes and 15mm lenses with limbal ring will show the biggest eyes possible.


Contact lenses colors

All colors are available and some lenses called 3-tone lenses or 4-tone contact lenses offer 3 or 4 tints on the same lenses for a more natural look or to blend perfectly into your natural eye color. You must decide first if you want your color lenses to totally recover your natural eye color or if you want your natural color to blend with your new lens color. Contact lenses that will cover your eyes are called opaque contact lenses and are more often used for cosplay or special parties as Halloween.

First Color Lens Order, What you Must Know


As you now know, it is not difficult to buy color lenses online and you are now ready to make your first order. We are sure that it won’t be the last because you will be so happy with your new eyes accessories that you will feel like trying all the colors available.