CUSTOMERS REVIEW: Gray Korean Lens Review Geo WMM-305 Bambi Gray

Gray Korean Lens Review Geo WMM-305 Bambi Gray

GEO bambi princess mimi series sesame grey

annyeong Hi dolls ?

Today I’m going to do a review on the circle lenses I won from . I joined their permanent giveaway so if you interested make sure to check this out here ! Sooo~ lets get started with the review!

this is the geo bambi princess mimi sesame grey

Contact Lens Review Geo WMM-305 Bambi Gray

 wah she sooo prettyyyy~ ?

 Contact Lens Review Geo WMM-305 Bambi Gray

These are the famous circle lenses that were advertised by Tsubasa Masuwaka.

Brand : GEO

Diameter : 15.0 mm

Water content : 38%- 42%

how long can you wear this lenses?: one year

Base curve : 8.7

Origin / South Korea

Price – 19.90 USD

Contact Lens Review Geo WMM-305 Bambi Gray

SOLUTION-LENS.COM is basically just like other circle lens website out there just that they price on their lenses are cheaper and genuine of course. Not only that, but solution – have many offers like buy 2 get one free. They also do have an monthly giveaway where you can enter every month as many time you want and all you have to do is to write about ( how did you find the shop, offers, service, etc ) Then you must put the picture of the circle lenses you want so they can send you them if you win.


They service is quick, They have an page here where you can comment question’s and it takes about 30 minutes for them to reply (max) the fastest reply was about 5 minute I think.

Anyways they do also have an email you can contact them – [email protected]

And they really are friendly and again their service is quick.



You will get one pair of cute earrings, a case ( random color ),and a mouse pen. I really do think that’s great because the price of the lenses are cheap + you get free stuffs!


Oh and one thing I must mention is that when they send you circle lenses they mark it as ”gif” so you don’t need to worry, if you don’t want to pay tax like me hehe


 Contact Lens Review Geo WMM-305 Bambi Gray



the package is printed in a blue/purple/yellow color and I think that the blue color

made the package look very fresh and simple .


 Contact Lens Review Geo WMM-305 Bambi Gray



Do you see the green/gray round sticker on the package? Well that’s the code number as a form of authenticity. If you really want to be sure, you can go to this website to verify the contacts. Of your lenses is fake, Immediately stop using the lenses, our eyes are precious and we do not want a pair of lenses ruin our eyes

( being blind, eye infection etc )

Contact Lens Review Geo WMM-305 Bambi Gray


When you buy a pair of circle lenses you got this free case with a mouse pink pen and a pair of ear rings.


 Contact Lens Review Geo WMM-305 Bambi Gray



When you order circle lenses from solution – you will get a free pair of contact case. And what I really do like about this is that this case have an R and L on the case so you know which is for which eye.


Contact Lens Review Geo WMM-305 Bambi Gray


 I don’t have much to say about the lenses are gray with a black rim on edge. Buuut If you look really closely you can see a hint of a yellowish color.


Contact Lens Review Geo WMM-305 Bambi Gray



 I took this photo inside, and you see the color blends really well with my dark eyes!

actually, when I got the lenses I thought the gray would not show on my eyes at all so I was very how to say it – unsure, but it turned out that the gray showed up more than I had expected.



 What is the natural color of your eyes and style ?

Dark brown, almond shaped eyes

What are you favorite contact lenses colors and brands ?

Hmm I currently don’t have a favorite lenses right now.


Do you often wear color lenses (which brands) ?

Nope I don’t. Only when I do ”gyary” makeup.


Where did you find our store (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, blogs, friends…) ?

I find your store via youtube & blogger


What contact lenses do you like on our store (add photos and links) ?

 I really do like this one, because I think that purple/dark purple color on the geo lenses.


Is our website easy to visit / browse ?

yes it is.


Is our customer service good / quick ?

 yup, it doesn’t take time for you to reply a message and it is really fast service.

 keep up with your good service!


What do you think about lens color ?

Really pretty and the design too


What do you think about lens comfort ?

They reallyyyyy are comfortable


What do you think about lens enlargement ?



What is your overall opinion about the lenses ?

* scroll down *


 What is your overall opinion about our store ? What should we improve ?

* scroll up*


Contact Lens Review Geo WMM-305 Bambi Gray

/I took this outside in the ”sun” light /

 When you outside in the sun light the yellow color show up a lot more than indoor.


So this bambi series comes in four shades I believe. Red/brown,Gray,green and a natural pair of brown. As I said before this contact’s comes in 15.0 diameter and this made my eyes appear a lot more bigger. It doesn’t give you the alien – scary look.

It kind of blend with your eye color and make it look more ”natural” . At first when I got those lenses home, I put the solution for over night and I was sooooo excited to try this lenses out.

The next day when I put them in in my eyes they felt sooo uncomfortably but i still didn’t want to just ditch them right there so

 I had them in my eyes and then a miracle happened. After 10 minutes it just felt like they ”melted” or how to say it to my eyes and it didn’t feel like I wore circle lenses at all.

I’m kind of felt in love with this pattern because it is so cute and gives you that dolly eyes .

I myself wear this lenses when I’m doing some gyaru makeup and want that doll eyes.

What I really do love about this lenses is that it doesn’t give you that vibrant color because it can makes you eyes look scary and un – natural.

oh and I could wear this lenses for 8-9 hours without my eyes feeling dry!



Contact Lens Review Geo WMM-305 Bambi Gray

 what I like about this lenses:


cute design

comfortably’don’t make your eyes feel dry.

What I don’t like about this lenses

*error nothing here*


Rating ! ?

? Color : 5/5

The color really do look nice on me and since I have dark eyes this is perfect for me.

? Design : 5/5 I’m in love with this deisgn! I loooove this design so much. the pattern is cute and unique but even that it doesn’t show up a scary – design on you eyes.

? Comfortably : 5/5

They really are comfortable and I recommend this lenses for everybody out there who want comfortable lenses!

? Price : 5/5

On this were only 19.90! and normally this lenses is 23-24 USD but solution-lens always have cheap & genuine circle lenses.

 ? Don’t forget to check out ~

 Thank you for reading! And again thank you!