Green Contact Lens Review Geo Angel CM-833 Green

Green Contact Lens Review Geo Angel CM-833 Green

Hi guys now i’ll do my first ever review yay! A lens review! This review was kindly sponsored by solution-lens~

Solution-lens has very easy and helpful navigation. Because they categorized it as brand, color and diameter of the lens. I can’t stop to looking around and feel confused to pick up one pair of  lenses lol. All of them was adorable and sparkling. I fall in love with the site and the lenses!

*Note: they only sell plano lens.*

Solution-lens also offer FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! Wow how cool is that? ^^

The service was so amazing! Maybe another store would reply your email within 3 days or more but Solution-lens replied my email just within 1 day!!! I just can’t believe it, yeah, like… “Oh i got another reply?!” 😀

I got my package in 15 days (work days). It was too long for me. Since i’m not living so far far away from Thailand (Narnia isn’t that far from Thailand okay). But but okay maybe the postman couldn’t find my address lmao. I live in forest. Haha ignore this.

Now onto the review~

So, the lenses i’ll be reviewing today is Geo Angel Series Green CM-833. Im sorry for the low quality pics 😐

But I hope you like it! ?

Here is the pic when my packged arrived. Look on those cutie stickers O u O


It was bubble wrapped. I had fun playing with them lol.


It came with a mini woven box and there is an instruction how to put the lenses on! Plus a cute pen :3



Wooah look what i got! They also gave me those cute bear earrings. I’ll wear it soon wohoo~


They are aveilable in 6 colors.


Click to preview: BLUE | BLACK | BROWN | GRAY | GREEN | VIOLET

Here is the basic information~ I choose the green one because it’s my fav color hehe.

My eyes has dark-brown color. I prefer to use natural-colored lenses so it will make my eyes looks bigger hehe.  My favorite brands are Geo and Dueba. I love their design!

The lenses soaking in solution.



I was rlly excited to try them out because i never wore lenses before. Here is close-up pic of the lens (taken from solution-lens).

I’m sorry for my creepy photos otl.

**Natural, without lenses.

**Indoors, with lenses (w/o edit)

**Indoors, with lenses (w/ basic edit)


Design/Color: image image image image image

5/5. It was same as what i saw on the site! Those pixellated sparkle on lenses was so adorable. The color was amazing too. It stand out over my dark-brown eyes!

Comfort: image image image image image

4/5. I’ve said before that this is my first to wear cirle lenses. I google a lot about it and i scared lol. I was nervous…. But well, i did it. It took me umm around 2 hours to put them on lol. At first my left eye was a bit irritated but its okay~ Yeah I couldn’t feel these lenses in my eye at all! They were very comfortable. For first time experience it was good!

Enlargement: image image image image image

4/5. I choose this one because its small size. So i can get the natural-size eyes. Since it was my first okayyy. I’d like to try 14,5 mm or larger for next time~ The lenses did their job so well ^^

Store: image image image image image

5/5. Like i said before, i love their fast and nice reply. Not many store out there will reply you within one day 😉 They sell great lenses with a low prices. Only with 19$ (plus free shipping) you could have a dolly-like eyes! You guys should check them out!!!

Overall: image image image image image

5/5! I love love love it! /throw hearts/ It suits me well. They’re so natural and sparkling yay. ???


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Thank you for reading my essay review! Have a nice day 🙂

Thank you so much for the lenses! ???

POSTED ON JUL 12, 2013