Halloween Cat Makeup for Adult and Children

Halloween Cat Makeup for Adult and Children


This week we are going to give you some tips about animal makeup for Halloween, birthday, carnival New Year’s eve… This makeup will suit well a women, a man or a child. If you mood is more like a cat, you can choose to create a sexy and feminine makeup which can enhance your cute face or you can decide to have a big naughty cat face.


Before starting the makeup you’ll have to choose the right circle lenses to have real cat eyes and complete the transformation. You’re lucky because Solution-Lens.com provides a circle lens product range called “Crazy lens” and these lenses are famous for cosplay and to turn your eyes into different creatures eyes. You will find different colors of cat eyes in our catalog. Try them on and be amazed by the result, you won’t believe it. You will be impressed about how these circle lenses are comfortable.


We recommend yellow design Geo SF-Y05 , but you can also find a green one, Geo SF-G05, white Geo SF-W05 or the glamorous pink Geo SF-24. The most scary color is the red Geo SF-R05 which is perfect for Halloween.


If you are a woman and want to look like a sexy kitten we invite you to have a close look to the photo above for your makeup. To make this makeup, start with the eyes by using a basic eyeliner to highlight the eye contour, make your eyeslashes longer with a mascara. Still with your eyeliner draw a triangle on both sides of your eyes to make the illusion that they are wider. Design the top of your triangle close to the nose pointing down and make it pointing up for the corner close to your ear. Now you get sexy kitty cat eyes. With a pen you can now draw the mustaches, the nose and completely color your upper lip, make a vertical separation line between your nose and your lips. Don’t forget to darken your eyebrows too.


Maybe this makeup is too minimalistic for you and you are looking for something closer from reality. Then you can find a lot of examples on Google image to help you. This kind of makeup use different colors to look realistic. Be careful to only use face painting that are easy to find online.The result will depend on your skills and the time that you are ready to spend on your makeup. Some makeups recreate the aspect of a cat fur and play with shadows to create fake relief and turn your face into a cat face. Before starting try look at as many example as you can and find the right balance between what cat makeup you want to get and what you can do.



For the rest of the costume, it cant be a full cat costume but maybe you prefer to contrast with classy clothes like suit or cocktail dress to really look impressing.