Halloween Rabbit Makeup Tutorial

Halloween Rabbit Makeup Tutorial

What rabbit do you want to be for Halloween ? A pretty sexy rabbit, a cute little one or a big fat pink rabbit that we want to hug like a plush ? A cute fat pink rabbit is perfect for men looking for affection and love.



Before thinking about the makeup part, you have of course to find a rabbit costume with long ears, like always there are many possibilities. You can decide to make it yourself by using garment and a sewing machine, but for most of us this solution needs too much skills.

So choose the second solution which is to simply rent a costume, it will cost you between $40 to $150 a day, depending on the costume quality. The price is affordable but it is important to book your costume a month or more before Halloween or you might not get one. Actually there is also another solution that is better, you can have a rabbit face made with makeup and two rabbit ears that you can make or rent as it is not expensive.

If you’re a girl you could for example wear a sexy white skirt with a white bodysuit and white pantyhose to look gorgeous. If you are a man just wear a black or white suit with your rabbit makeup and ears.



Choose The Right Contact lenses

Now it’s time to give a special effect to your costume with Korean circle lenses, this is the icing on the cake that will make your costume and makeup really stunning.

In our product range called Crazy or Cosplay Halloween contact lenses on Solution-Lens.com we have contact lenses similar to rabbit eyes like the Geo CPF7.

If you want to play an albino rabbit we also have what you need with the Geo CPF3 or if you prefer to be sexy and glamour, choose the pink Geo SF36 or the purple Geo CPF6.

If you are worried about your eye safety and are suspicious to wear soft contact lenses you have to know that our customer’s safety is our main preoccupation. This is why we sell only genuine trusted brands like Geo, Vassen and Dueba from Korea. These contact lenses are high technology products made in South Korea by specialized factories for more than 15 years. All our contact lenses meet international standards like FDA (USA), CE (Europe) and ISO (International), it means that they can be sold anywhere in the world where rules are strict.

Even if we don’t sell corrective contact lenses our products are similar to medical contact lenses and made exactly with the same material which is called Hydrogel.


How To Make The Rabbit Makeup

To make your Halloween rabbit makeup, start by applying white paint on your upper and lower eyelids using a tiny brush. Now apply a black eyeliner to enhance and give intensity to your look. Take your brush makeup brush and apply dark pink blush on your eyelids until your cheekbones to create big pink circles.

Use the same brush on your nose extremity and the center of your upper lip. Now with a black makeup pencil pen or eyeliner you can draw some details like the rabbit teeth on you lower eyelid (use pink blush to create a shadow around), some dots on your cheeks close to the lips, mustaches and a vertical line between your nose and mouth.

Don’t hesitate to make your mouth wider by drawing a horizontal black line. If you want to have fun you can paint one of your fingers in orange to create a fake carrot.



We hope that this rabbit makeup tutorial will be useful and will help you to be successful during your Halloween night ! We wish you a scary Halloween !